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Scientology Criminal Activity Report L Ron Hubbard the KING of CON's cartoon  from Private Eye Magazine

Day 2, page 23, Clearwater Commission Hearings, L Ron Hubbard's son speaking under oath: "my father always felt that he was above the law because he had created the law. He created whatever rules, regulations, and laws to be lived by. There was only one sin in Scientology, which was repeated to me at least a few thousand times, which is, getting caught."

French News: Channel 4 UK report on Criminal Fraud charges brought against Scientology as an Organization...

22 October 2008, From long time activist Jeff Jacobsen:

"I hadn't noticed this reply in my blog to a post I made about Artur Solomonyan, the guy who said he came to the US on a (Scientology based) religious workers visa, then sold weapons to an FBI informant."

The original reply is from Jeff's Blog HERE

"I spent 14 months incarcerated with Artur Solomonyan, at MDC, Brooklyn. I can assure you that he was a strong believer in Scientology, he even tried to convert me to it. He gave me a few books starting with the basics in belief. One thing i can say about the man, he was very smart, he knew how to convince people. During our stay together he told me stories of how all this started, he was set up by the informant, the informant even told him where to purchase the weapons here in the USA. He purchased the weapons from an undercover Agent and re-sold them to the informant in hopes of getting a green card. One thing I never understood was this man believed in Scientology, yet he still claimed to be a christian and he truly believed in the Trinity and that Jesus died for mans sins, he also believed that no man will enter paradise except through Jesus. So I guess that Scientology thing was just a front to get a visa to come to America."

robot translation of France Info news item.

Scientology again called into question after the suicide of a follower ...

29 October - the children of Gloria Lopez will file suit against Scientology for the suicide of their mother.

She was a secretary in Paris, had divorced years ago, spent the divorce money and a large part of an inheritance she got later in the scam, then she went in the station near her flat, and went under a train, doing a large smile to the train driver. What she had in her pockets was certainly linking her suicide to scientology.

France Info - 09-26-08

Gloria Lopez was 47 years old when she was given the death. According to Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui en France, which tells the tragedy this morning, in letters written before she died, she explained that she felt guilty for having squandered money from an inheritance to pay training in the Church of Scientology, classified as a sect by parliamentarians, and it reached more to repay the money she had borrowed more.

According to Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui in France the information had taken the matter seriously: May 20 last, in a confidential note quoted by Le Parisien, investigators alerted the authorities about maneuvers to destabilize the family of the suicide . Basically, an intermediary had offered money to the family to buy his silence. When he refused, there were various attempts at intimidation, including a pseudo-morality investigation against the former husband teacher to cast doubt on his attitude to her students and her own children.

Today, her two children in Paris say they will go through to establish the truth, they will complain to recognize the responsibility of Scientology in the suicide of their mother.

Link to original in French

9 Sept 08 Scientology to be sued for "Organized Fraud"

If found guilty it could result in the controversial body's main centres being closed down.

LINK to UK Telegraph

Scientology is being sued under the Florida Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization statute of Florida, by an Ex-member of scientology Peter Letterese, a fellow I chatted with in the 1970's at Scientology in Washington DC, the 181 page outline of the Scientology Conspiracy to defraud him was filed on September 1st

Narconon frontgroup Raided and Closed in Russia:

"The search of the building was carried out as part of the criminal case over illegal enterprise, launched by the investigative committee of the Dimitrovgrad police department," the regional police department said in a press statement on Friday. "Everything that was seized during the search, and the questioning of clients shows that Narconon was doing medical and education activities without licenses," the statement said.

16 April Norway - Police probe suicide linked to Scientology "daughter of a member of Norway's parliament committed suicide" after contact with Scientology - See subtitled french TV show Video Link

10 and 11 April 2008- Belgium police RAID Scientology again, this time for a complain made by a gal who showed up from a help wanted advertisiement and was pressued to join scientology, this is 2nd tim Belgium authorities have raided scientology in Brussels.

21 January 2007 Italian Media report on a 47 year old lady, who may have been one of their highest OT8's, being held in a room by 3 Scientologists, who have been imprisoned for kidnapping, after she dropped notes out her window asking for help."the police suspect the Scientologists wanted her money." Do you think so? MORE HERE

17 January 2008 Moscow News UFA (MN) - A criminal case has been launched against a local branch of Scientology in the republic of Bashkortostan, Kom­somol­skaya Pravda reports. The members of the Ufa Center of Dianetics and Scientology face charges of illegally trading in medications.

A check made by the local police has shown that the members of the center had been selling their visitors tablets with vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and B12. However, according to the Russian law such operations must be licensed. Apart from that, inspectors claim the scientologists had recommended visitors take the vitamins in amounts exceeding the maximum safe doses.

Scientology BANNED in St. Petersburg, Russia! Link Bable-fish translation here: LINK - Unofficial translation here:

St. Petersburg declared Scientology center illegal.

St. Petersburg. The Supreme Court of Russia has reaffirmed a judgement of the St. Petersburg City Court made summer, and now the Scientology organization in is Petersburg is prohibited.

St. Petersburg is the third location in Russia where the sect identified as Scientology must officially cease activities. The ban applies to St Petersburg as well as Bashkortostan and Khabarovsk.

It is not expected that the followers of Scientology will resume their activities. As the experience in other two regions shows, they will go underground and work.

Numerous violations of the law lead to the ban.

The Petersburg Scientology center had been in existence since the 1990s and was in a respectable building in the city center near the Nevskii Prospekt. Their propaganda work was conducted under the guise of a religious organization to understand Association busy Metro stations Vosstaniya and Ligovskii Prospekt.

Russian law enforcement were had been busy for years collecting information on Scientology’s illegal machinations. It was accused of charging exorbitant fees for providing medical assistance without a license.

Scientology’s widespread practice of the technique of "auditing" was classified by the law enforcement authorities as "unqualified interference in the sphere of consciousness of the people".

In December 2003, there was a temporary closure of the center. When the sect continued their activities, the Justice Ministry turned to the Public Prosecutor's Office and submitted a plea. A tug-of-war lasting several years led to the decision made yesterday.

Formal Criminal Charges have been brought in Belgium!

BELGIUM BUILDS A CASE - SPTimes Clearwater Florida LINK

BRUSSELS - It all began with a woman who wanted her money back.

In 1997 a former member of the Church of Scientology, unhappy with courses she had taken, tried to get a refund of 700,000 Belgian francs - about $17,000. Authorities began looking into the church's finances and interviewing people.

Now, 10 years and 76 cartons of documents later, prosecutors say the evidence points to one conclusion: The Church of Scientology in Belgium is a "criminal organization" that has used fraud and extortion to separate members from their money.

SOME of Scientology's 50 year history of Criminal Conduct - LINK

Bad Week At Cult Rock, by Barbara Graham LINK

Vive La Belgique! - September 5, Monsieur Ebner Takes to the Canadian airwaves to applaud Belgium for smacking Scientology with CRIMINAL charges! LINK

all 200 Google newslinks HERE

Sept 5 - The Scotsman - "Scientology Branded a Criminal Organization"

Dutch media describing this as "The biggest fraud case ever brought against Scientology"

5 Sept - Case Analysis by Karin Spaink LINK(considered a reliable source by Exposing the CON)

Fraud and Extortion makes news, click to watch short video above

4 September 2007 - Belgium Judiciary bring formal criminal charges against Scientology

Charges go from extortion to swindle, exercise of illegal medicine, infringements with the law on the trade, privacy violations, criminal conspiracy and criminal organization - Link to French newsarticle

Link to UPI Article (English) HERE

Scientology Faces Criminal Charges
Associated Press Writer

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - A Belgian prosecutor on Tuesday recommended that the U.S.-based Church of Scientology stand trial for fraud and extortion, following a 10- year investigation that concluded the group should be labeled a criminal organization.


Belgium indicts Scientology as a Criminal Organization

See for more information about these raids.

Two weeks ago Le Soir Magazine published a scathing article about the Church of Scientology and the upcoming Belgian court case.

I am not going to repost the entire translation but want to repost that section that talks about the criminal case against the Churchof Scientology.

The original post can be found

<Start of translated article>

And here, finally, is part 2, all about the upcoming trial... I've decided not to add the second sidebar, which is background information about the French trial resulting from the suicide of Patrick Vic in 1988. More detail about this can be found on several websites. From: Le Soir Magazine, Brussels, May 16, 2006, p. 10-12.

Original title: "BRUXELLES - Nouveau centre européen de la Scientologie" By Julie Barreau

[Translator's note: Everything between square brackets is mine. I have used my own invention "legal entity" as a translation for "personne morale", partly because I don't have a specialist legal dictionary to hand. Maybe there is a more common lawyerly translation, but I think mine is at least fairly clear if YANAL.]


[headline]In the line of fire of Belgian justice

[sub-headline]Scientology to stand in the dock before the end
of the year

After an investigation lasting nine years, with no less than 27 search warrants executed and multiple complaints filed by former members, the long-awaited trial of the Church of Scientology in Belgium is finally due to start. The stakes are high, and the case will have repercussions far outside, our borders. For the very first time, Scientology itself could be convicted as being a criminal organization.

comment from an ex-member to original post Holy Cow!!! This is big!>

[sub-headline]Four main charges

The judicial investigation started in 1997, and concerned nine Scientologists. The files on Scientology gathered since then, which take up four meters, cover offenses from the end of the 1980's until 2004. The drawing up of the formal charges that will complete matters will be finished within two months from now. The investigation took this long because two additional plaintiffs came forward. They are former members of Scientology who had risen to high levels in the church hierarchy, and where thus able to provide extremely important information. Four main charges have been established: being a criminal organization (1), fraud, the
illegal practice of medicine, and violations of the law on privacy.

(Links supporting the Belgian definition of criminal organization add by ex-member Arnie Lerma while webbing this page:)

Scientology Employee punching bob Minton ( violence )

[footnote] (1) According to Belgian law, a criminal organization is:

"a group consisting of more than two people, which exists over a period of time, with as its aim the concerted commission of criminal offenses to obtain, directly or indirectly, material advantages, by using intimidation, threats, violence, fraud or corruption, or by using commercial or other entities to hide or facilitate the commission of such offenses." [end of footnote]

Canada - Criminal Conviction - 1997

Scientology as an organization has a previous conviction in Canada for "Breach of the Public Trust" (link to court documents)
Scientology's hail-mary appeal of this conviction was upheld in Canada's supreme court in 1997 ( loosely translated means being lying scumbags )

" The trial judge characterized these acts as follows:

The criminal acts of Church of Scientology of Toronto were
insidious attacks on two essential law enforcement agencies in
this province. The integrity and effective functioning of those
agencies (the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Ontario
Provincial Police) are of great importance to good government
in this province. The offenses _threatened_ such integrity
and effectiveness, and I regard each of them as very serious.
[Emphasis added.]"
France Convicted L Ron Hubbard of Criminal Fraud 1978 and French scientology leaders were convicted of Fraud in 1999

Spain - Criminal Indictment 1993

Excerpt: (emphasis in boldface by Arnie Lerma)

"To decree the commencement of the oral trial and to consider this criminal lawsuit to be founded on the felonies of illicit association, threats, coercion, usurpation of functions, false accusation, simulation of a felony, illegal arrest, crimes against the Tax Administration, crimes against freedom and safety in the workplace, intrusion, crimes against the public health, injuries, damages, abuse, slander and inducement to suicide, against HEBER JENTSZCH, ARTURO REGUERA ARDANZA, MARIA DEL CARMEN MU%OZ ROSAL, SANTIAGO VADILLO ACEVES, MARIA VICTORY DE BLAS ARRIBAS, ENRIQUE COLL LLOPIS, VALENTIN FERNANDEZ-TUBAU RODES, VIRGILIO CASTELLANOS SAIZ, CARLOS ALIAGA AZNAR, MANUEL RUIZ SERRANO, ENRIQUE AYUSO FERRER, MARIA ANTONIA NAVARRO CASTILLO, MARIA MONSERRAT AGUILERA MARTIN, ALFONSO MARIN RODRIGUEZ, MARIA LUIS PEREZ AGUILAR, MARIA BELEN MARTIN GARCIA, JOSE MANUEL VILLAREJO PEREZ, JUDITH FRANCOS ABANCOS, HUMBERTO FONTANA, FINN GERALD THOMAS, and HAROLD CLAUDE ROUSSART."

David Miscavige bragged during a public appearance at one of Scientology's Reich-like meetings, that:

"even when the prosecutor's witnesses were called to testify, Scientology worked!"

What David Miscavige was alluding to was that all of the complainant's in that case had been successfully bought off by Scientology. - Scientology's first contact of this activist, was shortly after I received and posted a copy of the Spanish Criminal Indictment linked above to the newsgroup Alt.religion.scientology, a story about scientology's intimidation tactics appeared in the Washington post on Christmas Day writer Richard Leiby, if you have not read this one, please do, as it is a great read and was my first exposure in major media about my efforts to expose Scientology, now to get back to what occurred..

A man named John Caban, who had been a Scientologist and made beautiful handcrafted jewelry was one of the complainant's in this case.. John Caban called me, Arnie Lerma, from Spain, a number of times, letting me know what was going on during the case. He would never allow what he would tell me to be posted publicly, but wanted evidently to tell someone, which is a very human response to stressful happenings. He also did not want Scientology to know that he was in contact with me, a leader of the cause, as he was being pressured - intimidated.. coerced.. harassed.. in an effort to silence him.

In John Caban's last telephone call to me, his voice was desperate and fearful, he lamented that Scientology had run extraordinary dirty tricks operations on he and all the other original complainant's... and that at this time, all the rest had succumbed to Scientology's relentless psychological operations. Scientology uses East German type stazi psychological type harassments..also called 'gas lighting' and create incidents.. even going so far as to set up relatives and business associates, like they did to Robert Minton's.. for criminal crimes... when their harassment reaches a peak and when they detect any sign of weakness from the one they are targeting, they will then.. offer to stop the harassment, and provide a cash payment.. This is, as Lawrence Wollersheim, the Founder of FACTNET ( see ) describes it and I assure you Lawrence does know what he is talking about, having been in constant litigation with scientology for a quarter of a "the carrot and the stick" settlement offer.

John Caban lamented that he was now the last complainant left who had not been coerced into selling his soul to scientology to end the harassment. He told me that he could not take it any more, though he was trying very hard to hold the line. To honor my promise to John Caban, I cannot specify the things that scientology did to cause him to give it up.

After discussing this with my friend and fellow ex-memberJoe Harrington, he let slip in a posting to ARS some of things John had told me, and I never heard from John Caban again.

What I want readers of this missive to know and understand with absolute conviction, is what David Miscavige meant, when he said:

"and when the prosecutor's own witnesses took the stand, SCIENTOLOGY WORKED"

This is the ONLY part of Scientology that does work.. or at least used to, until 1996, when Lawrence Wollersheim, Bob Penny and myself refused their 9 to 12 million dollar BRIBE for SILENCE.

Hush-Hush Money An anti-Scientology activist claims that the church made him an offer he had to refuse: $12 million. BY ALAN PRENDERGAST - WEST WORLD

August 14, 1997

After more than seventeen years of litigation, Lawrence Wollersheim knows that talk isn't cheap--not when you're talking to lawyers and your life's work happens to involve badmouthing the Church of Scientology. But the price of silence is even higher. Too high, in Wollersheim's estimation, which is why he says he walked away from an alleged settlement offer by the church that would have netted him and a few colleagues $12 million in exchange for abandoning their crusade against Scientology.

Full Text of the West World Article by Alan Pendergrast above is HERE

Full Text of the Spanish Criminal Indictment is HERE

The Christmas Day 1994 article by Richard Leiby is HERE

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