Analysis of the Belgium case by my freind Karin Spaink

Hi all - long time no post. A few people have mailed me asking me
for a summary of the Belgium case, and the Dutch press have been
asking for my comments,  but it's a bit early to say how this case
is going to develop.

First, hats of to Belgium for _attempting_ to start a case against
CoS. Not many countries have had the guts to do so, and anybody who
has investigated the cult knows that there's hardship about.

Secondly, by now there is no actual lawsuit, but just a 'will you
please start a case' advise. Then again, the advise is probably
well-founded. The raid that underlies the current advise was
executed - I think - some 8 years ago, so one might expect that
quite some research has been conducted.

Thirdly, what's terribly interesting is that the prosecutor seems to
be co-operating with ex-members and is actually hoping to start not
only a national case against CoS, but is also considering a case
against international bodies of CoS.

Fourthly, don't get your hopes up. We all know that CoS fights tooth
& claw. In this case, that means they'll fight in court and in the
media, by legal and less legal methods. They will stall the court
proceedings, they will appeal all the way to the European court, and
meanwhile, all those involved will be smeared, harassed and annoyed.

In this case, the investigations leading up to the advise to
prosecute took some 10 years. I know from practice that a lawsuit
itself can take ten years too. Wish the Belgian courts and
prosecutors strenght, perseverance, and good luck.

- K -

SP6 or so.