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Hubbard the Master Stage Hypnotist

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Advertisement for "Beyond Hypnosis" a book by Hugh Lacy, acknowledging
The Truth About Dianetics
image of a page of FATE Science Fiction Magazine, showing advertisement for Beyond Hypnosis by Hugh Lacy, The Truth About Dianetics

From: FATE Science Fiction Magazine, June 1953, issue No 39, page 115,

Excerpt: "BEYOND HYPNOSIS The Truth About Dianetics by HUGH LACY, (c) 1952


This book presents a theory of hypnosis. The theory explains hypnosis and related phenomena and can be extended to embrace human thought and behavior. The theory is simple which is the first requirement of a good hypothesis. It is demonstrable in a variety of ways and is strengthened by arguments taken from other theories.

The theory makes use of the obvious. The simplicity of the basic concepts served heretofore to conceal them from view. Human behavior presents a spectacle so imponderable that imponderable solutions have been sought. Actually, accumulations of facts are only unmanageable until there is a pattern. Every school of thought has some fact as a basis and a synthesis of those facts into a pattern is what I have attempted. This theme can hardly be attacked even though it leads to assumptions which will be attacked. However, assumptions are the substance of any hypothesis. They orient the line of further investigation which is what makes them valuable.

A workable hypothesis need not be correct. As long as it works it is useful. It fails to work when it fails to explain facts under observation or to predict results. If a hypothesis does not explain all phenomena, that still does not preclude its usefulness within the sphere of its workability until something comes along that serves better. I do not say my theory explains all phenomena in question since I do not know all the phenomena but I believe it is the most embracive concept of how the mind operates yet formulated.

Chapter 1


Hypnosis is not inexplicable, uncanny or occult, and it is not abnormal. Hypnosis is a natural consequence of a specific application of definite and understandable laws. The laws hypnosis follows are not laws of hypnotism, but are the laws of thought. Hypnosis is the logical result of thinking when, under a particular set of circumstances, there is no other way to think."

END of Excerpt

From the Webmaster: In hypnotism a persons attention is directed onto an object, the swinging watch, the ticking metronome, or upon upon the voice of the hypnotist.

Once this done, and the person's attention is fixed upon this one thing, all other things around the person may be caused to dissappear. Which in Dianetics and Scientology might be called by the key word "Clear"

I have thought for years that Hubbard incorporated his mastery of stage hypnotism into the stucture and teachings of scientology.

Arthur J. Cox’s Story of LRH’s mastery of Stage Type Hypnotism, from The Science-Fiction Advertiser of July 1952, Pages 7 & 8 are reproduced here from the bottom of this image of an orginal document at, the text that it contains follows:

"Another person who had been hypnotized by Hubbard once was willing, (to participate in some investigation of what Hubbard did to folks he hypnotized) and a group of us journeyed over to his place for some hypnotic detective work. Nothing was discovered from him, but almost incidentally, Cooke, who was doing the actual work decided to warm up on my brother, who is a deep-trance subject. And it was discovered that Hubbard had given him a post-hypnotic suggestion to meet him one day on certain street corner. Hubbard had then, apparantly, had him do various little tricks such as being "forced" to hold his hands on a 'red hot' wooden railing, then patted him on the shoulder, laughing, and told him he could go home."

May 11th 1948 continued: Arthur Cox’s Account of LRH Stage Hypnosis Tech from the FORREST J. ACKERMAN INTERVIEW about the 29 April 1948 LRH STAGE HYPNOSIS ACCOUNT

forrest ackerman, L Ron Hubbard's literary agent

(sections reproduced below from the transcript) Forrest Ackerman was Ron's Literary Agent in the early days

"Well, 45 years ago there was established a Los Angeles Science Fiction Society. I'm a charter member. I was at the very first meeting and I've been to 1500 meetings off and on in between. It was a period when Ron came around our club. He was living in Los Angeles. And what I particularly remember about his appearances there was an evening of spectacular hypnostism when hypnotized just about every kid in the club. I remember he gave one young man a... what would you call it... In any event, the boy was convinced that cupped in his hand, he held a little tiny Kangaroo that was hopping around and I remember he came over and showed the Kangaroo to me. An ah, one by one Ron was hypnotizing everyone in the club. He gave one boy a post hypnotic suggestion, he said now ah, I'll snap my fingers, and bring you out of it and about 3 minutes from now youre gonna hear the telephone ring and you'll go over and someone will be making you a fantastic offer ah... on a brand new automobile. But youre gonna resist no matter how great the offer, your gonna come up with some reason that you can't accept it.

So we were all trying to keep sraight faces and see what was gonna happen and carrying on in a natural fashion and then this boy with the post hypnotic suggest looked kind of puzzled and looked over at the phone which of course was'nt ringing and he went over and he took it off the hook and seemed to be listening to a voice in his mind fro a few minutes, oh, really, a brand new Cad, never...only driven one mile? Only $500, Yes, gee that I could have it for $350.00, well, well that certainly is a bargain but gee, I only have $350 in the bank. Oh you'd shave off a 150! I could have it for $350.00, well, well, the only problem is that that $350.00 is earmarked for present for my mother. Well yes, I suppose my mother would, would think I should have a brand new Cadillac instead of a present from her, that would make her happy, but....and you know..but,but,but. Then he got it down to where the invisible voice was going to give it away. He was well, well, ah...My teacher taught me never accept a gift unless you can return, or what ever, it was you know, he kept coming coming up with all, all....

We were all standing around holding our sides trying to keep from being hysterical and then Ron told one other boy, he said well now I'm gonna bring you out of this. As some point Im just going to scratch the tip of my nose and (snap) you'll go instantly to asleep. Well everybody was so fascinated by Ron's performance, that they clustered around him. And mad moment his nose itched you know, and he'd forgotten all about the special command. he kind of scratched his nose. I happened to be standing right behind this boy. Instantly limp, he fell right into my arms (laugh).

End of text from image scan #5 of Forest Ackerman's typewritten notes

The point of including the above, is just to illustrate that L Ron Hubbard was a master stage hypnotist.

I have long suspected that Hubbard's real "bright" idea to start Dianetics and Scientology to make money included his discovery of a means to incorporate standard stage hypnosis patter and methodology into the texts and structure of Scientology, but you know, I could never really put my finger on the key to how he did this.

It is fairly obvious to the casual investigator that in Dianetics he repeats the same idea over and over and over and over and over again. The reason for the peculiar way Dianetics reads, the purpose of what appears to be a strange, repetative, style, is to deliver, to you, the reader, his hypnotic commands

The First one you get is that:


You are then convinced that this reactive mind is the source of everything evil in your life.. the true source of all your shortcomings.... and that it contains blackness and pain called ENGRAMS and that:


and he hooks you into thinking that now Dianetics can help you because Dianetics Auditing therapy which you purchase for a lot of money:


You now have been hooked, and start running around to tell all your friends about the "little kangaroo hopping about in your hand" but your freinds dont listen or think you are crazy,

Then you walk into a Scientology Organization, where the conduct of all the persons there has been scripted by Hubbard himself previously to agree with your quest as a noble cause.... as you get sent to the "Registrar for an Interview" who is trained to extract the contents of your wallet, while all the staff admire their own little kangroos that they they have hopping around in their hand...

To attain a suggestable trance state, stage hypnotists will often use a swinging shiny watch, or a ticking metronome, or some repetative monotonous sound or device or the hypnotist's own voice.

The target's attention is directed to the voice or thing until the rest of the world dissappears and he has entered a state of being hypnotized.

The "TR" Training Routines assist this.

This might also be called a state of 'being willing to believe anything'...that you were told by "Source".

Over and over in Scientology you are told RON IS SOURCE...

He wrote the book I'm reading

"If it is written then it is true" ( A repeated Scientology idea )


He was a navy war hero


His statue is in the hallway 9 Worded for Saddam Hussein too )


His picture is on the wall


RON IS SOURCE, that phrase, that idea, is the ticking metronome, IS the swinging watch, it's the voice on those tapes....

All the false stories of L Ron Hubbard's accomplishments, is the sparkle and shine on that shiny swinging watch....lies crafted with intent to hold your attention in contrived awe

Exactly 2 minutes after you stop reading this message you will wake up and realize what has been done to you

(c) 2003 Arnaldo Lerma

Another long time member noticed the hypnotic effect:

"I was unaware at the time that every time I did TR-O, I was going into a hypnotic trance state. I only realized this years later, after leaving the group, when I read about hypnosis and experienced a trance state from a legitimate psychologist who did hypnosis on me. The state I was in then was identical to the state I was in when I did TR-O."

-- Monica Pignotti

KING: Heber, please. Caller-

Mr. JENTZSCH: I'm trying to-

KING: Caller, give me one thing Scientology does-

Mr. JENTZSCH: Yes, one thing.

KING: -that's evil.

1st CALLER: What they do is hypnosis through their training routines. They teach people to shut down and become uncritical and passive and obedient which-

KING: All right, stop right there. Heber, do you use hypnosis to keep people in the organization and non-critical?

Mr. JENTZSCH: Absolutely not. The Cult Awareness Network rapes people because they say- They took a woman and raped her because they said she was a lesbian so this was therapy-

KING: Hold it. Don't tell me about them. Tell me about you. Do you hypnotize people-

Mr. JENTZSCH: I'll tell you about me-

KING: -in Scientology?

Mr. JENTZSCH: No, not at all.

KING: You do not use hypnosis? OK.

Mr. JENTZSCH: Listen, but let me just say-

KING: You're saying the caller is totally wrong?

Mr. JENTZSCH: -Steve Hassan makes a fortune off of kidnapping people. That's what he does and that's what Whitfield does.

KING: OK, Heber. Hold it, hold it, hold it-

Mr. JENTZSCH: They kidnap people.

KING: Hold it, hold it. Stop.

Mr. JENTZSCH: That's terrorist.

KING: The subject is Scientology -

Mr. WHITFIELD: I've never kidnapped anyone.

KING: The subject is Scientology -

Mr. JENTZSCH: That's terrorist.

KING: The subject is Scientology. He made a charge. I asked him to be specific. He said hypnosis to keep membership in. You say you do not use hypnosis.

Mr. JENTZSCH: We dehypnotize people, if anything, in life, and we can handle the problems of people who have been hypnotized.

KING: All right. Were you hypnotized when you were a member, Jerry?

Mr. WHITFIELD: I was. I didn't know it at the time.

KING: Wait a minute.

Mr. WHITFIELD: I thought I wasn't.

KING: What do you mean, you didn't know it?

Mr. WHITFIELD: Because a person can be hypnotized without knowing that it's hypnosis.

KING: How?

Mr. WHITFIELD: They can be put into a hypnotic trance without being told that that's what it is, and that's the thing about it is-

KING: Yes, but a great speaker can do that.

Mr. WHITFIELD: That's right.

KING: Hitler hypnotized a crowd, but they weren't hypnotized.

Mr. WHITFIELD: But they followed his suggestions.

KING: They were moved, they believed, they voted, they followed.

Mr. WHITFIELD: They followed his suggestions.

KING: But a political speaker could hypnotize a group. It's not a fair term to say it's mass hypnosis.

Mr. WHITFIELD: It's not- It's done one-on-one.

Mr. JENTZSCH: With the Army you do the same thing.

Mr. WHITFIELD: It's done on the one-on-one drills in Scientology, and I didn't know that until five years after I left Scientology. And it's deceptive and they deny it. Most of the people who deny it do not know what hypnosis is. They do not know what a trance state is.

KING: If they did that, would you give up your post?

Rev. SILLS: If it was documented that Scientologists or any group-

KING: If it was documented that Scientologists- any group used-

Rev. SILLS: -was involved in hypnosis, I would go after them myself.


Mr. WHITFIELD: Don, we should talk.

KING: Lancaster, hello.

Mr. JENTZSCH: Yes, and I'll go after the hypnotists in the Cult Awareness Network. They are the hypnotists in life, Larry. Look, they're making a lot of money doing this stuff-

KING: Lisa, were you hypnotized?


Mr. JENTZSCH: -a lot of money.

KING: Lisa?

Ms. HALVERSON: Absolutely

Mr. JENTZSCH: A lot of money.

Ms. HALVERSON: Absolutely. The techniques of counseling and training in Scientology do have an hypnotic effect. L. Ron Hubbard was a master hypnotist. Most Scientologists haven't a clue that that's what's really going on.

Larry King Live, May, 1991
The Church of Scientology: Religion or Business?

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them.
Hamlet (III.i.64-68)

"Sit down and think over that last spellbinder you heard on the platform, over the radio or on television.....Were you listening to a man of reason or to a hypnotist who aimed to limit your field of consciousness? You say you cannot be hypnotized against your will. Perhaps you were hypnotized last night as you listened to that political address over your TV.....The most dangerous hypnotist may be the man you listened to last week over the radio. You were his subject....As a matter of fact, you were a very excellent subject. Think it over....." George Estabrooks

who is also demonized by Scientology - do you have any doubt as to why?

My Exit page for Scientologists and ex-members

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