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The United States of  America Honors the Memory of Joe Harrington.
This certificate is awarded by a grateful nation in recognition of devoted and selfless
consecration to the service of our country in the Armed Forces of the United States.

George Bush
President of the United States

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            Joseph Harrington                                            Birgitta Harrington     

My husband Joseph J. Harrington left his body on the 25th of January
2001 at 10.30 pm local time.

He had a smile on his lips and looked very peaceful with a red rose in
his hand and red roses and a candle light aside.
The taperecorder was playing the "Going Home" tape to help him in his
transition, as he had asked for.

He wanted me to leave the room 30 minutes before he left, as he didn't
want to leave me - he thought it was better that I left him.

I am glad that he finally could get rest from all those terrible

We did not have more than 3 years together, but the time we had was
filled of love and learning.

Thanks to all who has given us support and warming words and loving

Birgitta (Bid) Harrington

His daughter Alena Harrington writes

"my father was an honorable man who i am so proud to have had as my father if only for a short while. He was a man who stood by his convictions and he taught me to fight the good fight. he gave me great gifts many times over. He was my father, my friend and my hero, I always thought of him as invincible.thats why it is so hard for me now. i just want to pick up the phone and hear his voice,  his favorite song was amazing grace, we used to cry everytime we heard it"


I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny imposed upon the mind of man"

The above inscription is inside the dome of the Jefferson Memorial, in Washington DC, by Thomas Jefferson. Joe and I visited it, and together we took Thomas Jefferson's oath and made it ours in the summer of 1999.

    I was informed that my old freind Joe Harrington passed away
today. He and I talked about his passing a few weeks ago. I knew it
was his time, we talked about it a bit.

    It'll be ok Birgitta, his pain is over, we will help you heal yours.

    I met Joe when I was just getting involved in Scientology, at
DC org when it was on 19th street. I was 16, it was 1967.

    When I first posted to alt.clearing.technology in 1994,
looking for old freinds, I got an email from a fellow I had not seen
in 25 years.

    That was Joe, he introduced me to Homer and some of the
enroute-to-become-old-farts on some 'secret' mailing lists.

    I used to give him some greif about being the guy I should
blame for getting me into this whole war to expose scientology.

    He was a big man with a big heart, even scientology could
never steal that from him.

    I trust he will shortly be giving an earful of grief to
whomever is in charge up there about what passes for civilization down

    He lived here for a bit, then he and Bid got married and they
moved to sweden. His barco-lounger is still in the living room.

    You are always welcome here Joe, always were, always will be,
stop by for a chat any time.

    Till I see you again, goodby old freind, and have a safe
    Arnie Lerma

PS: say hi to my mom and let me know if you want me to light a fire
in the living room the next time you stop by to visit.

Postings to alt.religion.scientology newsgroup in memory

Jim Byrd: I just heard the sad news about Joe Harrington. I met him a few times, but had
no idea that he was the legendary "Scamizdat". As Scamizdat, he accomplished a
tremendous amount in exposing the frauds of Scientology.

It was always humbling to listen to him. I consider myself a well-informed
layman, but Joe had a way of making comments which showed that I still have a
lot to learn about the subject.

Joe was a genuinely nice guy. He will be missed.

Michael Pattinsen: My kindest and warmest thoughts are with you. Love, Michael.

Dear Bid:

His integrity and intelligence have
been an inspiration to many of us.

He will be missed. ;-(

Konchok Penday

I'm so sorry to hear this Birgitta. Joe Harrington was a man of honor, a
man I respected very much. My thoughts are with you tonight Birgitta.

The good news though in this, is that Joe does not suffer anymore, and
I'm sure his transition went as easy as he wished it to be.

Joe Harrington will stay in my memory as one of the good men that came
out of the scientology experience as a stronger person.

Sten-Arne Zerpe


Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy. You are in my thoughts atthis
difficult time.

Ian - I.S. Rennie

I am glad to have met Joe, Bid. And I'm sure that by anyone's measure he was an
improvement on life.

There are many things I might want to say, but all I can say is; I'm glad he


Bid, we extend our condolances. Please know that we think of
you and that we will safeguard Joe's heritage.

And we are happy that we had dinner with the both of you
during Zenon's previous court case. We will never forget
that evening.

Karin Spaink

He was a good one, an honor to the human race.

Goodbye, Joe.

And condolences in your time of sorrow, Bid.


My sincerest condolences on your loss. May you find peace and strength
in knowing that your husband will always be remembered as a kind and
gentle hero.

God Bless
Y  ( nick Yduzitmatter on ars )

My dearest Bid . . .

Joe may have left his body . . .

but I see he will never leave your heart.

What a most wonderful place for him to continue being
present in.


My love reaches to you across the many miles,


Bid, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and my condolences.

God be with you and give you strength and peace.


Hi Birgitta,

You don't know me, but I wanted to express my sympathy for the loss of your

I am fairly new here and usually "feisty" on this group, but I must say that
it is an honor to stand up for you and your husband who have made a better
life for others, and have been in support of something that means so much to
so many people - their freedom in the truest sense.


Joe will be greatly missed by all of us. I never met him nor you, but I
cried when I read this, and Arnie's tribute because I feel as though I've
lost an old friend, even so.

Bid, if there is anything you need (such as a shoulder in private, or
virtual hugs, or ongoing prayers, or ...?) go ahead and mail me anytime.
Maybe someday we can meet and exchange those hugs in person.

I'm glad his transition was smooth. But I'm gonna be selfish and mourn his
death anyway, because I will miss him.

Bright Blessings,

Starshadow, KoX, SP4, Official Wiccan Chaplain ARSCC(wdne)

My deepest condolences, Bid. You're in my prayers and thoughts.

James ( Wood) on ARS

I'm so sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy.

Steve G.

He will be sadly missed by all the critics here.


He'll be remembered forever by the postings of him that I saved in the
last years, and of course, on dejanews...


You have my heartfelt condolences. I hope you find comfort in the love of
close friends and bear this pain with the knowledge that happiness will
come to you again. Good luck,
Queso. (Bob Dobbs)

It was a priviledge to share the same forum
as Joe.I'll miss him.

Best wishes to you both.

bb (basic-basic on ars )

From alt.clearing.technology newsgroup

Please everyone say Hello Joe!

He doesn't need everyone saying Goodbye to him.

Goodbyes are for people about to be reborn.

Hellos are for people who have died.


Hello Joe

I'm glad you don't hurt anymore.

You sure made a lot of people's lives better and happier.

That's gonna be a hard act to follow.



Dear Bid,

I'm wishing you strength to deal with your loss and I wish
Joe a good flight on the other side.

*I want to be free, so free, like the flower and the bee*
*like the birds in the tree, like a dolphin in the sea*
*I want to fly high, so high like an eagle in the sky*
*when my time has come, I want to lay down and fly*
*when my time has come, I want to lay down and fly*

Rasta Robert

Dear Brigitta,

as a relative newbie to a.r.s., I know about Joe mainly from the
different 'history pages' of the group, but would like to offer you my
heartfelt condolences nevertheless. Not only for the good and
groundbreaking things Joe has done for the critics community, but also
because everybody trying to live a good and decent live deserves this
several times over.


There are many, many "critics" and many, many ex-Scientologists
around, but Joe and Bid stand out because they fearlessly confronted
the process of dying with the intent to make a beautiful and loving
spiritual experience out of something that the rest of us are
terrified of.

I think they did well, and we all in IRC are much richer for having
seen this beautiful process from a distance.

Happy trails, and come back soon.


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Dear Bid,
My condolences.

Joe was a special guy. Every time we would meet he would come up with
a million things big and small to debate - he was always looking with
interest for new horizons to expand into, whether gardening or
neurology, cats or politics, sailing or spiritual wisdom.

I deeply wish that he would not have had to suffer pain and discomfort
in his last days of this life, but yet I feel he was not one to back
off from the challenge of learning and growing from the experience.

He told me back in 1998 that he was Scamizdat. He told it simply, as a
matter of fact, and we never much talked about it. Anyone seriously
involved in exposing, discussing or defending the CoS on the net will
understand the impact of what he did.

Still, more important is that Joe passed away as a man loved by many.
I will not say "rest in peace" - I can't imagine him in any other
situation than eagerly looking forward to new, wonderful adventures.

See you around, Joe.

Tänker på dig Birgitta. Tack för allt du gjort för Joe.


I sit here wishing you were closer physically. I can only tell you I know the
world is a better place because of Joe.

He fought hard for what he believed in, and he loved all he knew. Especially
you as you know! It has been a joy to watch your love together, and I can only
hope you celebrate that connection you two had, even if it was cut short, as it

He will always be in your heart...and I know you gave him something he will
keep for eternity.

Bless you both! May Joe be dancing with the angels and I hope you will stay
close. If there is anything I can do, please just write me, OK?

My love to you, Bid,,,,

Aka Magoo!

Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy. Joe will be missed by all of
us... he had a certian serenity which will be missed here and on IRC

You are in my thoughts.

aka justWog

Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy. Joe will be missed by all of
us... he had a certian serenity which will be missed here and on IRC

You are in my thoughts.

aka justWog


My memories of Joe include his rock solid, and calm presence on irc,
and his concern for arnie. I will also remember he kept trying, kept

These words are no comfort to you now, I know. But maybe in time,
they will be.

"Death be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadfull, for, thou art not so,
For, those, whom thou think'st, thou dost overthrow,
Die not, poore death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
>From rest and sleepe, which but thy pictures bee,
Much pleasure, then from thee, much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee doe goe,
Rest of their bones, and soules deliverie.
Thou art slave to Fate, Chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poyson, warre, and sicknesse dwell,
And poppie, or charmes can make us sleepe as well,
And better then thy stroake; why swell'st thou then;
One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally,
And death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die. "
- John Donne


Joe will be remembered for both his character and his deeds, and how
both helped people to understand Scientology's true nature. He'll be



Joe Harrington in some of his last words to Bid:

"this is so much more than I can say in words. It's like being
omnipresent. I am outside time and space but yet in it all. It's so much
consciusness everywhere and it's so big. It's like the drops in the ocean.
Like every drop is aware of it's own existence but not about the ocean and
the ocean is not aware of what's outside itself and not of the drops who
makes it an ocean. To understand it all, you have to stand on the beach on a
distance from the ocean. And then there is other oceans. And when you can
see them all ... you start to understand how big it is."


The article at this URL below provides one of the best descriptions of a
transcendent death I've seen, Joe by his last remarks here indicates quite
clearly that he has made it fully to what has been called the 7th stage of
death, and no doubt has completed the final transcendence to the 8th stage
of death.. It is quite an attainment. A time for limitless celebration
for Joe and for those he has left behind.

It is my view that from Joes description here, one can see that the focus on
the minutia of ones individual existences, the obsession with mulling around
in them, simply sticks a person on those beaches, looking at the sand.
That was Hubbards approach to a major extent and we see now a contrast in
the way these two men departed this world.

I am reasonably sure that Arnaldo and perhaps Druid, PTSC and several others
had been of assistance in this transcendence. One wishes them well at this
time also.

About Dying Article here

Phil Scott

My deep condolences.



I have to go - good night all and best wishes to Joe - I know that you live on and feel your presence - hope you'll come back and say hello in the flesh one day - take your time - do as you feel right. Thank you for your contributions to the FZ and the freedom of the technology. You dared to face the CofS and acted with a deep integrity in the face of great threats. Yours was and is a great contribution to the freedom of mankind.

Ralph Hilton

Dear Bid and Joe

I am honored to have known you Joe and still know you, but from another
arena now. And Birgitta, we have known each other 25 years, and we can still
share our joy and sorrow on this arena. And of course I be here to help you
through this.

Joes life was like a spiritual journey that now continues.
Many here was part of that journey, like Joe was part of ours.

Love makes the transition easier.
This is Love that makes all beautiful
and breathe divinity on every stone you walk on
And with Love does life go forward to eternety

Thank you Joe for have been among us
You served God
You gave of yourself

Eternal Love
Monica Gertsson


Bid, you know how much Joe was loved here (a.r.s.), right?
Well, now you're going to have to shoulder the burden of receiving all
the love for him as well as all the love for you.



"I am Scamizdat"
Joe Harrington

  And thank you to the 71 people who attended the online wake on IRC chat.

Some of Joe Harringtons Essays are here on Joe Cisar's site

If I missed one that was posted, please email eulogies to alerma@bellatlantic.net

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