Above: a 7 meg video clip from A&E networks special about Scientology, here Ex Scientology Public Relations Executive Robert Vaughn Young explains that the entire purpose of all these front groups is not to help the public, but were created to get people into scientology. When I was in I read the policy that explained this same claim, and it was written by Hubbard. Vaughn Young also wrote a must read briefing for journalists about the lies you are told by Scientology, you may read that written briefing HERE - from Quill Magazine

Click Image above for the Truth about Scientology's NarCONon scam

"An independent (non-Scientology related) study of the Purification Rundown was proposed in 1985 by Dr. Joseph Miceli, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacy, Children's Hospital of Michigan. Dr. Miceli's proposal suggested that the method might actually have some value in reducing toxins (PBBs and PCBs) from the body - but not for any of the reasons suggested by its author, L. Ron Hubbard. However, the Human Subject Review Committee at Wayne State University refused to allow the study to proceed because it was deemed unfit for human experimentation, according to Dr. Doug Spathelf, research director at Central Michigan University, and Dr. Daniel Graf, research director at Wayne State University."

List of Scientology DOMAIN NAME's used to SPAM search engines HERE

More information on Scientology Frontgroups showing interlocking trademarks and copyrights HERE
Co$ Front Groups [Wise Member lists here]

ABLE Inc. - See Association for Better Living and Education

Akademie Fur Management Und Kommunikation - WISE member business
front to spread LRH and scientology in Europe.

ALERT INTERNATIONAL INC - Corporate records LINK - Principals George Payson, Eveyln Hawkes, and sheldon goldberg appear to all be active Scientologists. Mentioned as posing as a human rights group in Bavarian Ministry Report on Scientology.

AMC Publishing, Used to be run by Scientologist Mary De Moss, see BIGOTWATCH, employs only the highest levels of Scientologists in management. Located in Clearwater Florida. Employed Lisa McPherson at time of her death.

APPLIED SCHOLASTICS - Functions as an educational organization
to spread LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) courses and scientology ethics and
beliefs in their schools. All schools licensed by Applied
Scholastics are scientology schools staffed and directed by

church's front groups and activities. Under ABLE's management,
other fronts infiltrate bussiness and organizations to introduce
LRH idea's and methods. Includes Applied Scholastics, The Way to
Happiness Foundation, Narconon and Criminon. To get involved in
education and community groups. Promotes Applied Scholastics
and other scientology organizations.

AUTHOR SERVICES, INC. (ASI) - manages scientology's literary and
financial affrairs controlled by the church of sci and influential
scientologists. To sell and promote LRH books, particularly policy.

BANCORP DEVELOPMENT, INC. - Members of the Patrons of the
Association who have donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's.
"War Chest" Impact Mag.

the church headed by sci. Eva Ross . Writes letters and articles
attacking any persons or groups who expose the truth abouth sci.
C.C.G. Ministries Inc.

BEVERLY HILLS PLAYHOUSE - (not run by Scientology, but used by scientology) run by Scientologist director Milton Katselas, this actor training outfit is heavily used as a recruitment tool for Scientology.

BIGOTWATCH - website Bigotwatch.net - ( SEE Foundation for Religious Tolerance) on its face shows no connection to Scientology. Scientology operatives like to exclaim "But HE is listed on BIGOTWATCH!" when in truth, and lets not forget the whole of the  truth, the site is run by Mary De Moss. Long time Scientology OSA Volunteer and one time boss of Lisa McPherson, the girl who died so horribly, with roach bites, at Scientology's "spiritual headquarters" in clearwater. Targets Robert Minton and Arnie Lerma or Arnaldo Lerma as you may know me.

BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS - scientology publishing and printing company
puts out Dianetics and other LRH books.

Business Success Sales and Management Training - Sci. management
front that lures people and businesses in with "management training"
and seminars, eventually steers them to LRH and sci. Members in
IAS, donated to Authors Svcs. Preservation of Tech

Arnie Lerma, when Finance Manage at what is now called Scientology Bridge Publications with a stack of Scientology E-meters
Above: Arnie Lerma, (This web operator) used to be the Financial Manager "FBO" for what is now Bridge Publications...

17305 Santa Rosa Mine Rd.
Perris , CA 92570

CALICCHIO & CO., SPA - Members of the IAS who donated in excess of
$40,000 to "War Chest", Donated in excess of $20,000 to Author
Services Pres. of Tech.

CASA DOLCE CASA - (Europe) WISE member fronting LRH technology in

Celebrity Center Kids on Stage for a Better World - Entertainment
and PR, "The group exists to spread the word of scientology to the
rest of the world"

CCHR - see Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Child Guidance Centers - Set up by scis, runs child dianetics
processing on children and encourages parents who are not already
into scientology to begin with Dianetics etc.

Center for Digital Government

CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY (COST) - functions as an archivist
for Hubbard's works. Also functions as one of the corporations
created to challenge the IRS's ruling against CoS. Formed in part
from assets stripped from Church of Scientology of California.
Suspected as also being a survival retreat for high ranking leadership and VIPs, one facility has 200 underground bunks.
group to abolish the IRS entirely, uses the "Church of Spritual
Technology" as one of the corporations to challenge the IRS's ruling
against them.

in 1969. Claim: to help people who have been abused or mistreated by
psychology or psychiatry and/or mental institutions. Intention: to
defame, devalue, discredit and destroy the field of psychology and
psychiatry because they have disclaimed Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard
as a schizophrenic. disseminates reports discrediting psychiatry and
individual psychiatrists

See Response to CCHR by American Psychiatric Association

August 2006 - BBC UK does a terrific Radio show about CCHR and the Volunteer Ministers - AUDIO File
CMI CORPORATE MARKETING - IAS members who have donated iin excess of
$40,000 to the Assn's. "War Chest" Impact Mag.

COMMUNITY SERVICE GUILD - est in Washington D.C. by sci to get LRH
influence involved in public schools with a tutoring program.
Freedom Mag

COMPUTER ETHICS INSTITUTE - (CEI) - Used by the church of sci in
their attempt to gain control over what can and cannot be put over
the Internet. Freedom

contests and other programs in schools, and try to get students
involved in LRH beliefs. Hands out Way To Happiness (By LRH) to
community groups, police, prisons and other groups. Purpose, to
promote LRH and CoS and get name recognition for LRH
Runs "Children's "Set A Good Example" Campaign AKA SAGE to lure children into considering L Ron Hubbard as a reliable source

� 2001 Concerned Businessmen's Association of America. All rights reserved. ABLE�, Aplied Scholastics�, Narconon� and Criminon� are trademarks and service marks owned by Association for Better Living and Education International and are used with its permission. THE WAY TO HAPPINESS is a trademark and service mark owned by The Way To Happiness International and is used with its permission.

COST - See Church of Spiritual Technology

CRIMINON - Like Narconon in prisons.

Criminon consists of volunteers, that is Scientologists, distributing copies of Hubbard's covert recruitment tool "The Way to Happiness" that is full of little common sense quotes. There is nothing inherently wrong with the quotes themselves, though better quotes are avialable from the truly great writers and philosophers that Hubbard stole them from. What is important to understand about Criminon, is that the purpose of the program is to RECRUIT people into scientology, NOT to help reform prisoners, despite Scientology's lies to the contrary. The purpose of the program, is to create the perception that L. Ron Hubbard was some great man instead of the convicted felon that he actually was, Why would any Prison Warden official allow a program based upon the writings of a convicted felon to be used at all, much less as a covert recruitment tool into an organization convicted in canada for Breach of the Public Trust? Copies of "Way to Happiness" are distributed, and then people already fooled by Hubbard's lies, "Scientologists", correspond in writing with the prisoners about the quotes in the book. The purpose? Is to recruit more members. Conclusion? Criminon is just another bogus, covert recruitment tool.

CSR - citizens for social reform - See LINK

CRY OUT - interfaces with organizations like Greenpeace and
capitalizes on children's environmental concerns, it distributes
comic book like primer on the environment sponsored by Arsenio
Hall and Rick Dees, and making no mention of scientology, to school
children. Bet Bus Bur.
20950 S.W. Rock Creek Rd.
Sheridan, Oregon 97378

DISTRIBUTION VIDEO - Member of the Patrons of the Association who have
donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's "War Chest". Impact Mag.

DRUG FREE MARSHALS PROGRAM - PR program to get a good name for
scientology into the community Favorable circumstance for photo
and/or press opportunity. Also makes available the distribution of
"The Way to Happiness" booklets to children to promote name and face
recognition with LRH.

EAST HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE AGAINST CRIME - a "Gung Ho" group to spread sci
in the East Hollywood area using community action. KSW #32

EDUCATION ALIVE - train and tutor in Hubbard's study tech and attempt
get various scientology programs into local PTA's and school systems.

Works in conjunction with Applied Scholastics and ABLE Bet. Bus Bur

Applied Scholastics affiliate delivers LRH tech to S. Africa and other

parts of the continent WIS p. 333 Given grant by S. African
Council of Churches to train teachers in LRH policy to pass on to
their students. Int Sci News

EFFECTIVEBUSINESSTOOLS.COM - starring OT8 Benneta Slaughter, see below, instead of Hubbard's business rubbish which is based on the management of nearly no-cost labor of the virtual slave society of Scientology's organizations, those interested in Hubbard's management 'tech' should buy PT Barnum's book, The Art of Money Getting and save thousands of dollars and the downside from being associated with the King of CON's in any way.

EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT CENTERS - (EMC) is an association of WISE members
that form a management training group in a local area, then as a
management training business operate tp expand WISE membership LRH and

CoS influence and deliver Hubbard Management Technology to the local
business community.

ENVIRONMENTAL TASK FORCE (Scientology) - formed by church as a
community group for PR and to get local citizens exposed to sci
and LRH Sci.Tdy.

eRepublic "the Center for Digital Government and its corporate parent, e.Republic, are run by Scientologists. "

Federation of Clubs of Professionals and Business Women - second
deputy chairman speaks for CoS on behalf of the work being done by
the Dianetics organizations and get influence in community
Sci. Tdy.

(FASE) a group formed by scientologists to enter the scientific
community to promote Hubbard's "Purification rundown" also called
detox. To build credintials and allies in the scientific community,
the foundation has channeled tens of thousands of dollars in grants
to educators and researchers studying toxicological hazards, most
unaware of the foundations ties to scientology.

this is another of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs' attempt to paint those who seek to expose $cientology as perpetrators of 'hate crime' - most ex-members
determine in hindsite that Scientology is a fraud disguised as a cult which in turn is cloaked
in 'religiousity' to escape government and public scrutiny.
The Clearwater branch is headed by Mary DeMoss and is the front group that
came to "THE PROFIT" 's movie set ,The Clearwater Florida branch is headed by Mary DeMoss
They came to the production set and offices to
hand out "Dead Agent" flyers [ literature to keep you from believing what we say about them ]
and try to talk to our crew. The FRT was the name used
when they visited our crew members at their homes. It is the name used when
they call our ex crew members. We attempted to get an injunction against Mary
DeMoss and her front group, the FRT based on tortious interference with a
business...but the judge denied the motion. John Merrett was our attorney on
that. Even though all their informational material says they are a non
denominational organization (tax exempt, by the way) they are clearly
scientologists...as they openly admitted in front of  Judge Pennick during our request for
injunction. Their lawyer: 25 year long $cientologist Kendrick Moxon listed as an unindicted
co-conspirator in Federal Criminal case US vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al who also works with

http://www.lermanet.com/cos/kob3.jpg (26767 bytes)

Helena Kobrin

another Scientologist Attorney who participated in the raid of Mr. Lerma's home in RTC vs Lerma.. [ Note unlike bigotwatch, we don't squish our images, WYSIWYG!]

F.R.E.E. - Freedom For Religion for Everyone Everywhere

F.R.E.E. is seeking millions of signatures from people worldwide to Proclaim the Year 2000 as the Year of Religious Freedom. Especially during these times of violence and oppression in the USA (Littleton, etc.) and all over the world (Rwanda, Kosovo).

Last Updated: 01/13/00
Address: 411 Cleveland St # 170
City: Clearwater
State: FL
Zip: 33755
Country: USA
Phone (1): (727) 449-0109

Jean Brasel - President
Email (1): jean@communicate-now.com

FREEDOM MAGAZINE - A scientology publication which pushes their
causes and attacks their critics

Free Speech & Religious Freedom Committee of the Parishioners of the Church
of Scientology - another scientology 'dba' to dead agent bob minton and the lisa mcpherson trust

GALAXY PRESS - markets Hubbards rubbish without mention of Hubbard or Scientology

GOLDEN ERA PRODUCTIONS - A front organization established to supposedly to bring LRH Materials, (taped lectures, technical films, and other audio-visual products by LRH) to people. While the facility does do some of this, it is also the secret location of INT HQ, International Headquarters that controls scientology across the world, and the location of the home of scientology's leadership including David Miscavige.

thumbnail is linked to high resolution composite image of scientology's headquarters RTC hemet california, that uses the cover story Golden era Productions

See arial composite map of gold base,(271K)

When the location was first being set up, members assigned to work at its location would be blindfolded before being driven there.

HappyHouse.org - Listed address on promotion is 9420 Reseda Blvd #572, Northridge California 91324 - distributed The Way To Happiness

HEALTH MED - Clinics set up that promote the "purification" program &
scientology. Solicits unions and public agencies contracts for its
regimens of saunas, exercise and vitamins promoted to purify the body.


"Aug. 16 2005 several organizations have gathered near the monument to the Anti-Hitler coalition in Moscow in order to conduct an opening ceremony of 'Multatlon 2005 for Peace and Human Rights'. The most prominent participants and organizers of this event were Moscow Helsinki group and the Scientological Church of Moscow."

The first speaker at this much publicized event was Mrs Lyudmila Alexeyeva - the President of Moscow Helsinki Group and the International Helsinki Federation.

So, we can say now that not only Moscow Helsinki group but also the International Helsinki Federation is no more than Scientology PR agency. What a shameless end for the organization that was created to defend the rights of victims of totalitarian regimes!

Center of Religious Studies, Moscow
Center of Religious Studies
Ozernaya st 42, office 428 Moscow 119361 Russia
Tel./Fax: (+7 095) 785 3634
(Information Provided by Gerry Armstrong)

HOLLANDER CONSTULTANTS INC. - consulting firm that leads to LRH and
scientology courses, part of WISE group. Donated Over $100,000 to ASI
Preservation of Tech

HUBBARD COLLEGES OF ADMINISTRATION - a front set up to bring in
business persons for management training and feeds LRH technology
leading to Dianetics and scientology. Claims legally required in
state of El Valle, Columbia for school teachers to advance and
also for some government positions. Spreading widely in Russia to
business and government officials. Also put LRH tech in University
of Saudi Arabia and several Saudi businesses. Prosperity

HUBBARD ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN - front to spread LRH technology in the
women's community leading to Dianetics and scientology. Prosperity

I HELP - International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors -
created to provide auditors who deliver services outside the organized
scio churches and missions to spread scientology

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF DETOXIFICATION SPECIALISTS - This is the current scam to try and take advantage of the September 11th disaster and is aimed at Firefighters. "A detoxification regimen developed by L. Ron Hubbard has proved to be an effective tool for reducing body levels of fat-stored chemicals" - right......

IAS - See International Association of Scientologists

Aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard. To "dismantle
any group or organization" which prevents Scientology. Uses "War
Chest" money to try to shut up any group or person who attempts to
tell the truth about Scientology and to combat their perceived
the Magazine Published by IAS is called "IMPACT"
a list of names published in IAS's IMPACT
are HERE

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF DETOXIFICATION SPECIALISTS - just another bogus page hawking Hubbard's purification scam
bring in businesses to scientology through LRH Mgt. tech. Got
Allstate Ins. Co

IRONS MARCUS AND VALKO (formerly Singer Consultants ) - consulting
firm that leads to LRH and scientology courses, part of WISE group.

LEAD THE WAY TO A DRUG FREE USA - campaign led by the Office of
Special Affairs of the church of scientology to get involvement
with the community using anti-drug causes as the button Sci Tdy

LIBRARY DONATION SERVICE - Set up as part of the International Library
Campaign in order to place scientology books and materials into the
public libraries around the world.

LONDON FINANCIAL (Europe) - Donated over $50,000 to Author Svcs.
Preservation of Tech

MAD HATTER STUDIOS - See Mad Hatter Recording Studios - Is a front used by Scientology in Hollywood.

MERIDIAN CONSULTANTS - an EMC under WISE control in Westchester NY,
set up as a business and management consulting company to disseminate
LRH tech leading to scientology to the business community. Claims to
have distributed LRH teachings to Prudential Insurance Company and the

Seventh Day Adventist Church who have hired them as management
consultants. Prosperity

MIWA ENVIRONMENTAL - (Japan) - Member of the Patrons of the
Association who have donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's
"War Chest"

PO Box 919
Datil, New Mexico 87821

MOXON & BARTILSON (Atty's, CA) - Scientologist Law Firm, defunct, running under new names.

NARCODEX - A new front name for NARCONON:
"Narcodex is a Canadian Drug Free Initiative of the Association for Better Living & Education Canada."

NARCONON - Chain of alcohol and drug rehabs that promote and lead to LRH and Scientology.


03 December 2008


Further to my letter dated 23rd September 2008, I am writing to inform you that the Church of Scientology have offered to amend their 'Truth About Drugs' leaflet in a way which we believe resolves your concerns.

They have agreed to remove the claims that their Narconon drug rehabilitation programme is the 'safest' and 'most effective' programme and that "residues form[sic] drugs and other toxins lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and stay there, even years after they have been ingested". [...]

The ASA publishes basic details of all the complaints it investigates on its website, www.asa.org.uk. Details of the case will be published on 17th December 2008 in a list of advertisers that have co-operated in resolving complain


Thank you for taking the time to raise the matter with us.

!! stopaddiction.com, cocaineaddiction.com, ecstacyaddiction.com, methamphetamineaddiction.com,alternative-sentencing.com, addiction2.com, narcononcenter.com and narconon.org are all scientology's narCONon !!

"A 6% success rate really stands out, along with the toxic doses of liver-destroying niacin. And, trading a problem with drugs for a mind-numbing destructive cult sounds like a really good deal as well. And it's only $20,000! Such a bargain!, Barbara Graham

In International Scientology News issue 20 page 8 is a review of a recent David Miscavige { heads Scientology )  speech in which he says "In every sector we made giant strides by establishing 'generation plants' for expansion. In other words, not just 'another Narconon,' but a Narconon Arrowhead that generates them all over the world."

Well, I guess David Miscavige, the HEAD of Scientology thinks Narconon
is connected to Scientology.



(NARPA) = National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy - an

affiliation of the CCHR, founder and president Bill Johnson Sci Tdy

National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers - Gathers IRS horror

Used by the church in their attempt to gain control over the

(NCLE) - a social reform group by the Church of Scientology that
is used to attack Interpol. Claims INTERPOL , which has been
investigating and reporting on scio's criminal activities, is run
by NAZIs.


Hijacking of debate over Ritalin is feared
ALLISON LAMPERT, The Gazette Published: Thursday, June 08, 2006

New controversy surrounds efforts to launch Quebec's first class action over the attention deficit disorder drug Ritalin.

The lawsuit has already sparked debate on whether cash-strapped Quebec schools are bullying parents into giving prescription drugs to their children.


But the president of the National Parents Association said his fight to make sure parents - and not schools - control the medicine cabinet has nothing to do with his religious beliefs.

"I am very proud of the fact that I'm a Scientologist, but this is not a Scientology issue," NPA president George Mentis said. "It's a question of informed consent."

NATIONS FOUNDATION OF WOMEN LEGISLATORS - NFWL - This outfit is being used by Scientology - Thier head of CCHR, BRuce Wiseman is now the Treasurer for the NFWL, see the NFWL Expose by Lermanet.com Exposing the CON HERE

NATURAL HEALTH FOOD ASSOCIATES - Member of the Patrons of the
Association who have donated in excess of $40,000 to the Assn's. "War

No-Treason.com - operators of this website which targeted Libertarians, and prior to discussions, was once frequented by Libertarians, admitted to using Hubbard management drivel. They also use the 'make-nothing-of-it' technique towards any critical discussions on the boards, and engage in Fallacious argument. A Report was recieved by a user of the boards that reported being stalked online at other chat boards after posting critical information about Scientology. See the Persecution pages for more on Scientology pattern of conduct towards those who expose them for what they are.. the worlds biggest CONfidence game.

No-Hate.org - lists FACTNet.org as an anti-religious hate group... yet provides no pointer to their site. The founder of FACTNET, Lawrence Wollershiem, is the son of a Jesuit. Lawrence got involved in $cientology, working for them for many years, and then sued them and won for intentional infliction of emotional distress.. He has a judgement against the Church of $cientology of California worth $7,000,000 .... Just thought you'd enjoy the rest of the story. There are included here some good pointers, widely available elsewhere, added with express intent to lend an air of legitimacy to this site and just enough false data to support scientology's propaganda machine's appetite for lies - a search of the site could provide no information as to who runs it... Take one guess?

OFFICE OF ETHNIC AND CULTURAL AFFAIRS - to have scientology reach into
communities by race WIS

PARISHIONERS.ORG billing itself as "A listing of individuals attempting to curtail the rights of others to freely choose and practice their own religion" this is a $cientology Office of Special affairs written project to create the apparancy of a grassroots effort of 'outraged' members of Scientology - scripted by $cientology Office of Special affairs... you can look up my own and many of my friends derogatory pages there.. scripted so you will not believe the information on my website.

technology as a management training business Prosperity

Progressive Academy Education Society of Alberta - (Canada)
Scientology front group in the field of education in Edmonton,

PROSPERITY MAGAZINE - scientology magazine geared to bussinesses and
professionals for the purpose of getting WISE, their business front,
into businesses.

Psychiatric Institutes of America Survivors Support Group - They say
they are not affiliated with CCHR or scientology but have worked with

PSYCHIATRY - A PUBLIC WARNING - A weekly radio show put on by the sci
front group CCHR to slam all psychiatric practices. Host is Bruce
Wiseman, President of CCHR US and member of the IAS CCHR adv.

REALWORLD CORP. - Members of IAS, donated in excess of $40,000 to "War
Chest". Donated in excess of $50,000 to Author Services Preservation
of Tech.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CRUSADE, THE - replaced Alliance for the
Preservation of Religious Liberty, It gathers staff and followers
to demonstrate against whatever organization or court may be
investigating, or sitting in judgements of Scientology. Through
its periodicals, "Freedom" and "Crusader", it raises public outcry
against the "offending" institution. Bet Bus Bur
edited by Scientology, despite the name attached to them, the site is registered to Scientologist "OT" Joel Phillips, an old friend of Tory Christman, who confronted Joel when she ran into him on the street about whether he thought is was 'okay to tell lies about her (and the rest of the 'enemies' of scientologythat he knew were false, he basically ran away... The religious freedom watch website has been aided recently by anonymous websites that conceal their identities, such as lermanet.org and lermanet.net, trying to fool Google's search engine, and capitalize on interest in Lermanet.COM with out of context snippets displayed to make me look like a criminal and papers from a family court case which they got by being the ones who hired the lawyer to help my own son's mother......however Hubbard said that "Only criminals attack us" and it is Scientology's OSA's job to make is so.
RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER (RTC) - Holds trademarks for scientology

Also gives rewards of up to $1,000 to people who report any activity
against scientlogy that leads to the apprehension or arrest of said
people. Oversees the keeping of knowledge reports on it's own members
and citizens the church views as enemies

SAGE - Set A Good Example contest was crafted specifically to target children, sponsored by scientology's CONCERNED BUSINESSMEN OF AMERICAN - see above

dissemination activity that introduces new people to Dianetics and
Scientology and takes them "up the bridge". Also opens new areas
around the world to scientology and sends out missionaries to gain

SECOND CHANCE - new name for Narconon bogus purification rubbish.
See KRQE Report July 2008

SILHOUET HOLLAND - (Europe) WISE member fronting LRH technology

Silhouet Profil Analysis - (Europe) WISE member fronting LRH

SINGER CONSULTANTS - Member of the Patrons of the Association who
have donated in excess of $100,000 to the Assn's. "War Chest"
Uses "management seminars" to put out LRH tech and bring new people
into sci

SOCIAL COORDINATION COMMITTEE (S Africa) - a group designed to get
LRH tech into African countries. Picked up by some Jesuits for use.

- From SBPI's articles of incorporation (my emphasis): "In accordance with [Social Betterment Properties International's] status as an *integrated auxiliary of Church of Scientology International*, Church of Scientology International shall be the Sole Member of this Corporation. [...] a nonprofit public benefit corporation [...] organized to support Church of Scientology International by owning and managing real property used in Church of Scientology International's charitable public benefit program."

Directed by Richard E. Prescott who was Director for scientology's Narconon Northern California until 2002, more about this HERE

STELLAR MANAGEMENT - consulting firm that leads to LRH and
scientology courses, part of WISE group.

STERLING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - a management and consulting firm that
lures businesses in with "management' seminars, and then steers
them to LRH and scientology courses. Also called Emery Wilson
Corporation, part of WISE. Member of the Patrons of the Association
who have donated in excess of $100,000 to the Assn's. "War Chest".
Donated over $500,000 to Author Svcs. Preservation. of Tech.

See this LINK http://stop-wise.biz/Sterling_Management_Systems.html

"44. Nothing shows how far across corporate lines the Sea Org Missions can extend than their takeover of a for-profit organization, Sterling Management, in 1986. Located in Southern California, Sterling Management promotes itself as a business advisory group, helping small businesses to become more successful. They are not part of the Church of Scientology. But they are a member of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) and thus are on the "Command Channels of Scientology" in the lower right hand corner as a "WISE Unit." Although they are a for-profit enterprise that claims to be totally independent from Scientology, they were the target of two Sea Org Missions sent from the Commodore's Messenger Organization (CMO) in 1986." - Declaration of Robert Vaughn Young 1999

(STOMP) = Stop Torture of Mental Patients - an affiliation of the CCHR
founded by Sandra Everett

STRYKER SYSTEMS INC. - Member of IAS, donated in excess of $40,000 to
their "War Chest". Tech Preserver donator to Author Svcs. Pres of


Tom Cruise LINK has been added to the Scientology Frontgroups list after his performance in Valkyrie LINK (the movie), where is plays a Nazi who tried and failed to assassinate Hitler. This movie is considered by this writer to be an effort to derail propagation of the Naziesque characteristics of Scientology LINK. And here is Tom Cruise's "Network Neighborhood" courtesy of Android Cat:

All are Scientology!!

TRUTH SEEKER - www.the-truth-seeker.com - A disinformation website, mixing a small amount of critical information with a great deal of disinformation and fear. The pages repeat the word "church", over and over again. The neurolinguistic style reminds me of Scientology's motions in RTC vs Lerma. See hypnosis by repetition in Google.

U-MAN BELGIUM - (Europe) WISE member fronting LRH technology

UPTRENDS - consulting firm that leads to LRH and sci courses, part of
WISE group.

VOLUNTEER MINISTERS ASSOCIATION - a group of scientology ministers
whose intention is to establish contact with community leaders and
groups. CWF

WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION, THE - IAS Member, donated in excess of
$40,000 to "War Chest". Function to distribute LRH literature to
public schools and community organizations. Get name recognition for
L Ron Hubbard
Oct 2007 - Way To Happiness got caught LYING! LINK
WISE INTERNATIONAL (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) -

WISE entraps businesses into Hubbardian dogma by claiming to sell them management technology. I was trained in Scientology Financial "management" policy, I was astounded to find, some 25 years later, as I read a copy of circus showman P.T. Barnum's "Art of Money Getting: Or, Golden Rules for Making Money" - available from Amazon, to find that it was where Hubbard stole his "management technology". Sections are almost reproduced verbatim! If you have been, or know somebody who has been fooled by WISE "management" , you could save a lot of money by "going to source" and buying P.T. Barnum's book, "The Art of Money Getting" for $6..., If you know someone who is a WISE member, P.T, Barnum's book might help open their eyes to the con,

See LA Times series on Scientology, by Welkos Part 4A "Influence in Schools, Business, Science"

List of Scientology WISE companys HERE

Also see Mike Gormez's WISE webpages

Licenses use of LRH management tech to the WISE group firms, and
sells and distributes LRH and scientology books, with the main focus
on businesses and professionals. Responsible to get LRH tech and
scientology in the business world. Oversees Hubbard Colleges of
Administration and Effective Management Centers. Member of the
Patrons of the Association who have donated in excess of $100,000 to
the Assn's "War Chest"

run by David Miscavige's ASI - Author Services International - the "literary agent" for Scientology

runs writing contests for college scholarships

WORLD LITERACY CRUSADE - A reading program outreach developed to get
LRH Tech and scientology influence into public schools and
communities. One of scientology's famous celebrities who is
successfully advertising for the front group is Musician/Actor Isaac
Hayes. Great opportunity for PR and political and community

MAY 2007 - YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL - targeting children deflecting attention from themselves onto other things, another attempt to prove that SCientology does 'good things' - more window dressing to support non profit status requirements - More info HERE

   Scientology still LIES that Hubbard was a war hero, he was a War ZERO
Read L Ron Hubbard's complete US Navy War record

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