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"Marks on paper are free - free speech, press, pictures - all go together."
Georgia O'Keefe
artist, 1916

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arnie lerma tells how you can help expose scientology
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This is Chuck Beatty.

I am only surfacing for a second to confirm that this RPF Insider is accurate.

Having been on the PAC RPF from Nov 2000 until I finally left the Sea Org in the end of March 2003, I can vouch for all the info from this person that I have read so far. This person is on the MARK absolutely.

I hope this person can give me a call, 412-260-1170. If this person knew about my "baby watch", and my former twin, Maj Wheelis, then this person is absolutely on the MARK, and I'd like to talk to them.

Chuck Beatty Ex-Sea Org 27 years, '75-'03

PS: I was posting on Clambake and FactNet about a month ago, then I got a "gag" phone call and I was sent a "Gag" letter and a copy of the "waiver" I signed when I left the Sea Org. I am still waiting to hear back from lawyers about the "waiver" I signed upon leaving the Sea Org, whether it will hold up in court, and whether I will risk blatantly violating it, and suffering whatever the consequences of that might entail.

Webmaster Comment: The following series of postings are not from a person currently inside Scientology's RPF, but were crafted by a person who intimately knows these facts, as an effort to get the information more widely read, and cause consternation to the gulag managers...whose reactions, might cause more folks to try to get any means. The data , tidbits, names and people are to my knowledge and others ( See Mr Beatty's comment above ) , correct and accurate. It is a graphic description of what it's like, in recent times, in the RPF in Scientology. With that, enjoy this most readable series, whose intended audience was and is, current members of Scientology who unwittingly support gulags in america with their "Tax Deductible" payments to Scientology.


Arnie Lerma 703 241 1498

The RPF Insider Newsletter #1

Hello everybody out there in the real world!

I’m here in the PAC [Pacific, in Los Angeles] RPF and I’m going to tell the world the nightmare we are going through here in the west wing of blue PAC building, where we are all being secluded from the world. Come by and look at the windows of the 2nd floor of Catalina street. You will see white plastic in front of all the windows, so we can’t be seen by anybody from the outside! Hopefully I will be allowed to get out of here soon...

I have watched several people that managed to blow (blow = leaving without permission, Scientology term) from the RPF. If the person is “recovered" by the PAC "security” they are put into the RPF's RPF. That is a Rehabilitation Project Force to the RPF itself! Talk about being subdued and treated like a rat! The members of the RPF's RPF can not even talk to other members in the RPF! The punishment for the others in the group when someone blows is horrific! The “security” is increased from having one buddy watching you all the time, to TWO persons being with you all the time. When you are in the basement painting or doing some work off the crew lines, and have to go to the bathroom, the other two persons have to come with you and "watch you", and each other, waiting outside the can until you are done! Can you imagine how ridiculous that is? You can’t even go and take a dump in peace!

I have seen others getting a “Fitness Board Turndown” in order to get kicked out of the Sea Org. There is an elaborate administrative procedure to be allowed to leave. One must have a “severance pay”of tiny $500 to be allowed to leave. Can you believe it? After all those years of trustworthy service to the Sea Org, you get $500 and are kicked out into the street. I have no clue what it costs to live in the real world these days, but I believe the $500 will last about one week. I think a month’s rent in LA is something like $800 to $1,000. Is that right? Having worked day and night for many years as an Executive, “helping others” and following orders, we get 500 bucks! And it takes forever, months and months sometimes before people are allowed to leave. We’re told that “it’s not approved in the FP yet” (FP= Financial Planning, done once a week and the money is then dispersed to what it is approved for). Meanwhile the guys trying to leave are in the basement like rats, kept away from any staff members and out of the view of any public, so as to “not upset them” or “cause enturbulation” for them. We are in the basement scraping paint off the floor, 10 hours a day, painting old dusty pipes with color coding, which is being glorified with “we are doing great work that the staff will be proud of”. Who cares if the damn pipes in the basement are red, green, blue or black?

There are many people that have been dismissed from GOLD [same adress as Golden Era Production, in Hemet California]and sent to the RPF. Probably they didn’t get along with “the Management” or David Miscarriage (misspelled?) I think they are getting rid of the smart and clever guys that are a threat to expose DM’s international fraud and police organization.

If you have taken any services in the past or wonder where some people in the Sea Org are these days, I will list out for you, from the top of my head, who is right now here in the RPF, or recently graduated, or who has recently blown or has been SP declared or “Fitness Boarded” out of the Sea Org with a “probational SP declare”. This is something new that has been invented. Another piece of squirrel administrative technology. Nobody can find a reference what that is. One is declared a Suppressive Person on a probational basis. One still has to “make good” (do the steps A to E, AND a personalized "re-entry" program) to be able to come back, but one is not “officially SP declared” on the standard lines with an issue that goes to everyone. If every SP Declare was published, lots of Scientologists would be enturbulated, because there have been so many. Basically, one is told to “shut up” and if you make any noise you will get declared! Anyway, I’m not afraid to tell everybody about this, as I will probably be SP declared the second they find out who it is that is writing this IN THE RPF!! Thank God I have a friend that is helping me to get the information out to the world so something can be done about this. Let’s see how long it will take for the smart guys at INT and OSA to figure out who it is that is helping me. Well, I think PAC security better get on the stick or they will be losing some sleep and have some extra work to do...

I have a lot more to say, and I can tell you a lot about all these peoples'

lives and dilemmas. I have enough to write a book, which I plan to do, as
soon as they kick me out! Stay tuned for further updates...

Here’s the list of the names:

Aczel, John
Akiyama, Roger
Alexander, Tanya
Allen, Elaine
Allsop, Cameron
Alvarez, Hender
Anderson, Brian
Aristi, Alfonso
Arneson, Torren
Ashworth, Pat
Asplund, Lars
Atwood, Ben
Avila, Felipe
Baxter, Arthur
Beatty, Chuck
Belcastro, Ivan
Bersier, Jean Phillipe
Bertinato, Emilio
Bervera, Ismael
Besnard, Jean Yves
Bieg, Patrik
Biggs, Petal
Boykin, Steve
Brandis, Tom
Brefka, Wendy
Bush, Diane
Butcher, Faye
Cabral, Miriam
Caneen, Joe
Castle, Stefan
Champagne, Eileen
Christiansen, Tia
Codd, Clyde
Contreras, Griselda
Cook, Peter
Copelan, Laurel
Cornu, Patrizia
Croteau, Yvette
Crowther, Gigi
Danilovich, Micho
Davies, Leelan
Decrescenzo, Laura
DeRudder, Isabelle
Dezotell, Paul
Diaz, Dora Luz
Diaz, Luz Esther
Didcoate, Kathy
Didcoate, Richard
Di Ieva, Marco
Dippel, Karen
Dolgov, Vadim
Dubreuil, Joelle
Ellison, Bill
Emenau, Mark
Epstein, John
Epstein, Leslie
Eves, Cherie
Eves, Mike
Eves, Paul
Fallegger, Maria
Faulkner, Jon-Paul
Fiandica, Doug
Fraser, Berenice
Frau, Francesco
Freire, Rui
Gahwiler, Matthis
Galbiati, Matteo
Gambino, Jenny
Garth, Colwell
Gibson, Margaret
Gomez, Alejandro
Gouessan, Alain
Greve, Ryan
Griffin, John
Heinzel, Marie-Alice
Heldt, Birthe
Herzer, Cheryl
Hoden, Ken
Hoden, Lisa
Hogarth, Sheldon
Homier, Claude
Homier, Dominique
Howson, David
Hubbert, Pam
Huber, Noldi
Ibarra, Dharma
Jansen, Jan
Juss, Brian
Karlsson, Lennart
Kimoto, Shannon
Knight, Cat
Konneus, Leif
Lane, Andrea
Lefevre, Vincent
Lerner, Susan
Lev, Nir
Lewis, Lisa
Lindstein, Mariette
Long, Ken
Macias, Marianna
Maday, Martin
Marmolejo, Ricardo
McKinstrey, Mark
McQuade, Brenda
Miller, Gary
Morillo, Elvia
Morrisette, Chris
Mottl, Berndt
Mottl, Rena
Mousell, Sheldon
Mueller, Jurgen
Muller, Doug
Muller, Zerrin
Murton, Candy
Mustard, Caroline
Nossis, Kettie
Nunnellee, Richard
Oakes, Carole
Ortman, Mark
Osborne, Theron
Parkin, Edward
Parz, Callie
Pearse, Kylea-Rose
Percy, Kali
Pouw, Anthony
Price, Bill
Ramirez, Isi
Redmon, Rebecca
Reiss, Jesse
Robitaille, Phillipe
Rowe, Lallah
Santos, Florencia
Seagal, Ron
Searing, Tony
Selle, Erin
Sereda, Linda
Shapiro, Ken
Shay, Gary
Sims, Patty
Sinclair, Fred
Smith, Eric
Smith, Julia
Smith, Stan
Soendker, Patricia
Southworth, Gailynn
Southworth, Kashanka
Sporri, (wife?)
Sporri, Urs
Stark, Marco
Startari, Stefania
Stilo, Donna
Stracener, Colby
Stuckenbrock, Uwe
Szoke, Marlana
Szombathy, Imre
Tinat, Justin
Townsend, Sheri
Trent, Vincent
Vandersall, Mel
Walimaa, Tyler
Wallace, Liz
Watson, Jane
Weber, Jeff
Weibert, Kari
Weiland, Janet
Weissman, Pam
Welch, Simone
Welte, Dieter
Wheelis, Alex
Wheelis, Majbritt
Whitta, Denise
Whittaker, Hodl
Wilbur, Sarah
Williams, Russ
Wills, Steve
Woodcraft, Matt
Woodruff, Henry
Zerbini, Linda

The RPF Insider Newsletter # 2 As I was telling you earlier, there is this total frantic control of all the RPF members. We are not allowed to be seen by anybody, public or staff. This is supposedly upsetting the regular staff so much on their jobs that we are being secluded from the world. I think they are doing a pretty good job at it, because I'm sure that you don't see about 170 people running around in grey T-shirts do you? Grey T-shirts are by the way "our uniform". We are hidden in the west wing of the building and in the basement. We are also working on top of the building that is called the "old services building". This is a secluded space where noise from the air conditioners drowns out any sounds of our work of sanding wood or other construction projects. This is the building were the crew laundry is and the one next to the motorpool gate. There is an ongoing project that has been worked on for years now, consisting of "moving the RPF spaces to one location". We spend a lot of time renovating rooms and moving personal belongings around. For over 10 years, the RPF used to be located on the 2nd floor of the Lebanon Hall building, which is right in the middle of the complex. The RPF grew in such number that there was no place to berth everybody and the living conditions were getting just too crowded. The RPF has been very busy moving rooms from one building to another, full offices, all equipment, beds and everything. We are now out of the Leb Hall since a bit less than a year and are now all in the Main building west wing. One of the reasons we had to move everybody over to the other side, was because we were "running into crew" all the time as the main path is just outside the main dining room.This apparently upset them and distracted them so much from their daily routines that we have to be segregated with force. In order to implement this fully, we had locks installed on the emergency doors that go out to the roof between the buildings and we have to travel on that route to not be seen! Only certain people have the keys. and we can not even go back and forth between the buildings, without someone coming with us to totally control that we don't meet any other crewmembers. This project has now coming to it's last stage, where the confidential OT course room is getting moved also, as the students running back and forth are creating so much "traffic" that the OT III and OT V course rooms have to move. This is a big evolution as the "OT Materials" have to be kept in a safe and be checked daily by the security guards. The place has alarms and one can not come in or out without a key and a magnetic security card. Only OTs are allowed to access this area. The evolution is slowed down however as there are quite some material costs involved, and the new security system and location has to be fully approved by RTC, the top police organization of Scientology. The paper mill of approvals of such big changes takes forever. The Scientology beaurocracy is worse than the government! Wait, wait wait. We even started to move and build the new course room, and we came to a dead halt, as we jumped the gun - it wasn't approved yet!

All the berthing spaces [sleeping quarters] moved over to the west wing and everybody in the RPF is now living and studying there. Even the RPF I/C's office is at the end of the building next to the course rooms by the stair well. We have the berthings on the 2nd floor, both sides. Just look for the white plastic in front of the windows. This was put up to hide the bunk beds that go up to the ceiling!!! But can you guys believe this: There are about 16 guys in one little room, 4 bunks high. It's so small that it's impossible to have everybody be in the room at the same time, so we have to go to bed staggered in shifts! Another room that is a bit bigger has about 50 men in it. It's 2 rooms with a wall knocked out. The windows are only opened a little bit but there is no ventilation at all. Can you imagine how it smells at night, when 50 sweaty hard working guys take their shoes off? Then you think that one would be able to sleep being totally tired or wiped out from a full day of hard work, but sometimes I can't even sleep because it's horrendous to listen to a bunch of people that snore! The women also live in small rooms with about 15 - 20 in each. They are also complaining of bad smell and snoring! I'm actually wondering how it feels to live in a regular bed with clean sheets and fresh air, after all these years. Hopefully soon I will be able to experience a real life. By the way, if someone could arrange to have the Health Department come and inspect this area, maybe something could be done about this terrible living situation. It's hard to believe that we have an invisible prison right in the middle of LA. A bunch of sardines packed together in terrible living conditions. If the city would inspect this area, I think they would close it down. It certainly is not humane...let alone religious. I have to go.........

The RPF Insider Newsletter # 3

I'm not sure what reaction I'm creating out there and if this stuff is really making any difference on anybody, or if this is even making it onto the Internet. I will however take advantage of this weak link in the security system for as long as I can to let everybody know what it's like here in the RPF. Isn't it terrible to have an enemy in your own camp? Let's see how long it will take OSA, CMO, INCOMM and PAC Security to figure out who is MY FRIEND, helping me to get this data out to the world!

For those who don't know what these abbreviations stand for, I will explain briefly; OSA = Office of Special Affairs. Their Int Headquarters are located on 6331 Hollywood Blvd on one of the top floors. This is the police branch of Scientology who are frantically trying to stop the real facts that should be know about what is happening IN Scientology. (Ironically, alot of OSA staff have been showing up in the RPF lately). CMO = Commondores Messenger's Organization,usually teenage SO members that are pretending to have the power of L. Ron Hubbard, and are policing and ordering around the organizations to comply with orders, do investigations and get rid of those who are dangerous to the expansion of Scientology. INCOMM - stands for International Network of Computer Organized Management. Maybe you didn't know this but their headquarters are right next to the RPF. Their main entrance is around the corner on Fountain Avenue. The two low buildings on each side of the long stairs leading up to the old entrance of the hospital has the main computer bank for Scientology internationally. This is the heart of the computer banks that are tracking and controling all programs and orders internationally. It's very sophisticated and advanced. I can tell you more about this later, but what happens when a report is written about a situation or on a specific person, the document is scanned into this databank. This is being done on every continent on the planet, then the management sitting in Hollywood can pull up any of these documents on their screens, and find out data about any person, their post (what we call their duty and job) or any non-complicance to orders. This data bank is tracking all this information, and creating floods of ethics chits on everyone!

I wanted to tell you what happens when you enter the PAC base; You are on the candid camera!! I'm sure you have noticed that there are cameras in the area, but do you really know how many there are? HUNDREDS!! they are in the canteen, on L.Ron Hubbard way, on the roof tops, posted all along the street, by the parking structure. They're inside the AOLA building, in the ASHO building on every floor that has any important reason to be watched. Also in the basement in every hallway where we are working. This is because all the folders that are "confidential" from auditing or that have "OT information" in them, have to be watched by PAC security. Look a bit closer on the base, you find thin poles about 8 feet high that bend down and have a black bulb. It looks like some kind of nice lamp that would turn on at night, but what is really in there is a CAMERA! These cameras are scanning back and forth all the time and are monitored by Security which is located at the entrance on Catalina Street. They are next to the "horse shoe," the old moon shaped drive way. This was the emergency entrance when it was a hospital in the old days. Behind these walls you have the Security Chief and his fellows sitting around the clock, in shifts watching about 100 TV monitors. "On the ground" there are security guards on bicycles driving around with walkie talkies who are dispatched by central, if some intruder or suspected person shows up. This is how YOU are being "detected" if you show up around the big blue building. The "eye in the sky" is watching you all the time, I'm sure they have it all hooked up to a video camera and keep tapes rolling 24/7 and put them on file. Walk up to one of those black bulbs and smile, because you know that a security guard is sitting there watching you!

I mentioned a few times that this was a hospital. Just for the record, this was the old "Cedars of Lebanon Hospital" aka as the "Jewish Hospital." It was built around 1929 and in the mid 70's, the story is that L.Ron Hubbard bought this hospital. It was trashed and a mess, and we have been working on getting it fixed up and renovated since it was bought. MANY RPF members have been through their "programs" there to get the building renovated and upgraded. I could write a book about horror stories of the RPF members, working in the basement. One specific area is called "Rats alley." It speaks for itself! Members that for one reason or another had to be punished were thrown into this small space, with rats all over the place, rotting and eating each other, along with thousands of cockroaches, to clean it up. This was done so one would "get ones confront up." I'm glad this was finally fully cleaned up, so I didn't have to face this nightmare.

In an earthquake some years ago, the main building was severely damaged and construction work had to get done. The building is like a huge V with a base on it. The base of the main building has sheer walls now put in, with concrete from the bottom to the top. Also the East wing towards AOLA, but the other side is yet to be done. The top of the building that has been under renovation for years, is undergoing construction for the same reason. Lots of concrete has been taken out, with fear that it would break off and fall down in another earthquake. I believe that it remains looking so shabby because there is not enough money to get it fixed. There are some plans being worked on right now to get the building utilized for the public. One big project is to relocate the many overflowing folder tanks in the basement. The PC folders (Pre Clear folder = the continues documentation of the confessionals of a person. These folders are legal size manila folders, about 2-3 inches thick. Every PC can have anything from a few folder to over a hundred, depending how much auditing they have paid for or sec checks they have gotten) There are around a half a million folders in the basement and another half a million folders AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PARKING STRUCTURE BUILDING! The overall plans for the future is to get a warehouse close to the base and get all these folders moved. The basement can then be used for something else -- maybe keeping the ever growing RPF down there? Right now some of the RPFers are very busy working on getting all the folders fixed up and the covers replaced. This is ordered by RTC and certain goals and targets have to be met and complied to. There are "expansion plans" of turning the main building into accommodations for the public coming to the base. Where they plan to put the crew - I have no idea. Well, that's the "expansion speculations" but it doesn't seem to move very much. The RPF used to have tons of work to do, but now we are mainly being kept busy doing renovations inside the building so we can't be seen! Did you know that the entire complex was stained blue by RPF members? Yes, we did all that work, with many dangers, dangling off the walls in ice cold wet weather or sweating in the hot summer weather.

Well, got to go now, running out of time. Need to get this information off to my friend so it can get out to you as fast as possible. Talk to you later...

"The RPF Insider"

The RPF Insider Newsletter # 4

Maybe you have gotten my earlier newsletters, maybe not. In the hope that you have, I will continue to write what might interest you about what is happening behind those blue walls in the RPF. Do you know why there are so few guys that graduate the RPF program? Well, check this out. A new "Final Assessment" came down from INT about a year ago.A " twin-ship" has to assess this list on each other on the E-Meter. There cannot be any reactions or reads on the needle at all, on the following questions. The slightest bad thought or incorrect idea in any of these areas would create a reaction on the needle. About 30-40% of the entire RPF is on this last step - BUT ARE NOT MAKING IT THROUGH! This is supposed to be a "final check" on the entire program, which takes an average of 1-2 years although some guys take much longer, for example Ken Shapiro has been on the RPF for about 6 years. Great PR and expectations have been shoved down our throats that the RPF should only take 6 months, which is practically impossible. It's a twisted dream turning into a nightmare and many twinships at the end of the program are really getting frustrated and are not making it through. One example of this is Majbritt Wheelis and her twin Felipe Avila. They were on the lines to GRADUATE for months and they couldn't make it and they got kicked out. Some elaborate reason why she didn't make it, making her guilty for not performing her duty as a Case Supervisor in the RPF and other things from her ethics file, got her SP DECLARED! She had no place to stay locally and she was on the phone to her mother in Copenhagen in Denmark, begging for a place to stay, until she got a job and "back on her feet." If someone would see this over in Denmark, please help her out, she's a very nice girl. I was devastated to see what happened to her family life. Her husband Alec Wheelis graduated the RPF last year, and he was on a recruitment tour for the Super Power project, I believe over in England. He wasn't informed or told anything about his wife and she was told she would have to handle the divorce later on so he would not be enturbulated. What kind of decency is that? On top of it all, her mother-in-law, Alec's mother, is here on the RPF also. Her name is Leslie Epstein. She worked at GOLD for many years. Her husband John Epstein is also here and they had to witness their own son's wife being SP declared and kicked out - never to be seen again. I saw her SP declare order when it was on the bulletin board and it sounded like it was just made up to get rid of her. Her twin Felipe, did not get officially SP declared, but only "probationally SP declared," with no issue, but basically told to "shut up" or you will get SP declared. I saw a big smile and relief on his face when he was finally allowed to get out of here!!! Someone decides "that's it" no more chances and then evidence is held against you and you have no defense against "Scientology Justice." If some high exec decides you are out -- then you are! This final assessment for graduating the RPF is a printed list and available to any RPFer so it's easy to get hold of. How would you like to have these questions barked in your face, while on a video camera? Then expecting that it's a clean needle on the emeter, and you fully agree...

1. Regarding Int Execs, do you have an evil purpose?
2. Regarding Int Execs. do you have a vicious intent?
3. Regarding Int Execs, have you been spreading Black PR?
4. Regarding RTC Execs, do you have an evil purpose?
5. Regarding RTC Execs, do you have a vicious intent?
6. Regarding RTC Execs, have you been spreading Black PR?
7. Regarding LRH, do you have an evil purpose?
8. Regarding LRH. do you have a vicious intent?
9. Regarding LRH, have you been spreading Black PR?
10. Regarding LRH, do you have any bad thoughts?
11. Are you secretly disaffected with Management?
12. Do you have any withholds from RTC?
13. Do you have any intention to stop Scientology?
14. Do you have any intention to stop Scientology dissemination?
15. On your RPF program, has an evil purpose been missed?

[Black PR = saying bad things about scientology or scientologists]

This has to be done on a video, with a close up on the dial and the PreClear holding the cans. It's done as a full formal session and if you go to the examiner afterwards and your needle is not "floating," meaning that you are happy and agree, then you have to go back in session again -- over and over. When you think you have a "clean assessment" you send it to the RPF I/C for inspection and when he agrees he sends it on to the Senior C/S WUS in CMO across the street for final approval. When it's approved for both you and your twin, you have filled the last requirement on the program and can submit your full data for final approval to RTC to graduate. Of an average of 180 RPFers, there are 1 or 2 twinships that graduate every 4-6 months. There are many more being assigned to the RPF in that time period and there are quite few that get Fitness Boarded out if they don't move on the program with their twin. You are basically 100% responsible for your twin, and anything happening to him/her is your responsibility. In other words, nobody is graduating alone, but always and only with your assigned twin. For some reason there have been quite a lot RPF arrivals over the last few months coming down from Int or OSA or GOLD. They don't look happy. Maybe they have disagreements or they cannot put up with the Management or the regime of David Miscarriage or are unable to please him with what he expects out of their abilities. For some reason it's not a priority for us to see the International events anymore. It used to be "an information line" to let all RPFers know what is going on. We were about to see the LRH Birthday event in March this year, and were seated and ready to see it, then the RPF I/C came in and canceled it. We had to go and clean our rooms and then go to bed. Maybe there was something on there that was not good for us to see?? Usually the glorious Birthday Game is the highlight of the year, it covers all the big wins and international expansion. I'm really curious to find out why we couldn't see it, and I will, once I get out of here...

Everyone assigned to the RPF has to sign a waiver that one is doing the program on his on volition for the purpose of getting oneself redeemed. No one is forced to do the RPF and technically people are not held here against their will, but nobody wants to be here. I believe that the majority are working hard on this program, originally outlined by LRH on the ship Apollo. They want to "make good" and "be forgiven" so they can get back in the group and back to their old buddies and "help clear the planet." It might sound fanatic and it is. But that's what is crammed in to your head when working in the Sea Org. After many years, you forget how important other parts of life are, like any interests, sport, hobbies and much less having any kind of decent family life. So RPFers dedicate themselves to do all they can, and they hang in there year after year on the RPF trying to graduate -- however, one day you are told, "that's it!". Your time is up and you didn't make it, so you get Fitness Boarded out of the Sea Org. Then you get dumped on the street with severance pay of $500.

There is a totally different approach for someone who WANTS to leave. If you say you want to leave, this is called "a blow." Then you get sec checked over and over and not until several questions have been totally cleaned and you have a "floating needle" are you allowed to complete the rest of the steps to finally be able to go. I remember seeing Chuck Beatty on the line to route out of the Sea Org here in the RPF. He ended up having a personal "baby" watch for ALMOST 1 YEAR! Under watch 24/7 and obviously he could not get those specific questions clean as he did not agree with many things. He was at GOLD or Int for many years and I believe that he must have a lot of information about many people, of what happened up there, why they were so carefully trying to make sure that he would not turn on the church or management. I'm sure he disagreed with a lot of things. But for a full year! The lowest paid job anywhere, I would believe is something like $7.00/hour. He could have made $20,000 in a year flipping burgers at McDonalds. The pay in the RPF is 25% of full pay, which is $50, so after tax you end up with $11.46 in your hand - PER WEEK!! That is barely enough to pay for hygiene supplies, much less for any coffee or cigarettes!!

Personally, I hope that I will live through this insanity while maintaining some sanity of my own until I get out in the real world, to start all over again. Having no credit card, no ID, drivers license or family, I will start over somehow. I'm sure I will find someone that agrees with what I'm letting everybody know in my newsletters. Thank God that I have a friend very closeby who can get the data out for me. I hope to see you soon on the brighter side of-another life!

"The RPF Insider"

The RPF Insider Newsletter #5

Hello everybody out there!

I told you about all the cameras on the base, and here's another hot tip. Do you know how to tell when DM is on the base? Well, it's easy to find out in the RPF, because we are told that we cannot go out to Catalina Street, for any reason. It's off limits and security is watching the area full time. The way you can tell is if you see 2 dark SUVs pulled up into the "horse shoe entrance" with another 1 or 2 classy cars. DM is never alone and is guarded by several people at all times, but maybe you could go up to him and say hello and see what happens. Probably security will stop you, but sometimes he stops and listens and will ask a bunch of questions. I have experienced this myself - unfortunately not to my well-being or betterment. When he comes to the base, his personal suite is prepared for him on the 5th floor in the West wing (directly above the RPF berthing on the 2nd floor!). This luxury room, decorated with leather and brass and other luxury items is used only when he is there. The rest of the time Commodores Messengers keep the area clean. He also has an incredible luxury suite at 6331 Hollywood Blvd. The entire 13th floor is his and it's decorated with the most expensive and nicest furniture and decorations that you can imagine. The RPF has been up there renovating and cleaning the area. Both areas are kept secure with card reader systems and elevator access etc. When he's not in LA, which is often, I believe that this entire floor is unutilized but has to be kept ready for him at all times. He has similar set ups for himself where ever he goes in the world. He goes to Freewinds and Flag off and on. He likes to do "inspection tours" in the areas where he goes. So if he comes to PAC for a day or so he might go through all the local organizations rapidly, LA Org, CC Int, ASHO, AOLA or just concentrate on a particular SO Org or "handling." Much of the time, he's at the Int Headquarters at Hemet, southeast of LA. So, if you see someone getting out of those dark vans who is about 5 foot tall, the shortest in the crowd - that's him! "The RPF Insider"

The RPF Insider #5 - Hello again out there! The RPF Insider Newsletter #5 Hello everybody out there! .....I told you about all the cameras on the base, and here's another hot tip. Do you know how to tell when DM is on the base? Well, it's easy to find out in the RPF, because we are told that we cannot go out to Catalina Street, for any reason. It's off limits and security is watching the area full time. The way you can tell is if you see 2 dark SUVs pulled up into the "horse shoe entrance" with another 1 or 2 classy cars. DM is never alone and is guarded by several people at all times, but maybe you could go up to him and say hello and see what happens. Probably security will stop you, but sometimes he stops and listens and will ask a bunch of questions. I have experienced this myself - unfortunately not to my well-being or betterment. When he comes to the base, his personal suite is prepared for him on the 5th floor in the West wing (directly above the RPF berthing on the 2nd floor!). This luxury room, decorated with leather and brass and other luxury items is used only when he is there. The rest of the time Commodores Messengers keep the area clean. He also has an incredible luxury suite at 6331 Hollywood Blvd. The entire 13th floor is his and it's decorated with the most expensive and nicest furniture and decorations that you can imagine. The RPF has been up there renovating and cleaning the area. Both areas are kept secure with card reader systems and elevator access etc. When he's not in LA, which is often, I believe that this entire floor is unutilized but has to be kept ready for him at all times. He has similar set ups for himself where ever he goes in the world. He goes to Freewinds and Flag off and on. He likes to do "inspection tours" in the areas where he goes. So if he comes to PAC for a day or so he might go through all the local organizations rapidly, LA Org, CC Int, ASHO, AOLA or just concentrate on a particular SO Org or "handling." Much of the time, he's at the Int Headquarters at Hemet, southeast of LA. So, if you see someone getting out of those dark vans who is about 5 foot tall, the shortest in the crowd - that's him!

"The RPF Insider"

RPF Insider#6

You see what happens when you start the program, you have to turn in all your IDs; drivers' licence, passport, VISAs, credit cards, cash etc. My credit cards are probably expired anyway and I can get new ones. I can always figure out how to get some new valid ID. All RPFers' valuable documents are kept in a file cabinet locked up so that you cannot take off with your own documents. You are also not allowed to have more than $20 in cash in your pocket, and if you manage to save up more, instead of spending it in the canteen, you are supposed to turn it in for safe keeping. I guess another freak-control-mechanism, making it really hard to blow. If the RPFer is not from the US, a passport is obviously needed to get home, and it would take some time and money to report it stolen and get a new one. I guess the idea is that security will be able to find you "off guard," without any ID, job, money, credit cards etc. I can imagine that it takes some guts to blow not because you're fed up with the scene here but for the main reason that you are hitting the streets with no money, no ID and no place to stay...

What I wanted to say with this letter is something that I have had a lot of attention on for quite some time. Specifically there are two RPFers that are REALLY SICK AND NEED OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CARE. I will take one at the time. The first RPFer is named Uwe Stuckenbrock. He arrived in the RPF here in PAC around 2001, but I believe he was on the RPF in Happy Valley before he came here. He is diagnosed with MS, Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that from what I understand (from having looked it up in the encyclopedia) there is no known cure for. Over the last 3 years, I have watched him getting worse and worse, though it seems that he is getting some of attention and care. When he arrived he had a hard time walking by himself, and this has deteriorated to the point of needing full time around the clock assistance. He always has one or two other RPFers caring for him, as at this point he cannot even make it to the bathroom by himself. He cannot walk at all now and he has to be taken around in a wheel chair. What I don't understand is that although he is being treated with a lot of natural foods and juices and vitamins and assists he's getting worse and worse. He does go to the local hospital sometimes with two people escorting him. He's getting checkups at LA County Hospital or somewhere, where the church is getting free service on Medicare, because we RPFers simply don't have any money for any medical bills. Not long ago, we had to prepare a separate room for him on the 2nd floor in the West wing, next to the stairwell towards Catalina Street. He had been in the hospital and in critical condition. When he came back he needed a cleaner, more private environment to recover. We spent several days gutting out a little closed off room (where the other guy was living that I'm going to tell you about, Mike Eves). The space was filthy and outrageously dusty, like it hadn't been cleaned for months. We repainted the entire room, put up new curtains, put in a new carpet, new cabinets, etc. Uwe was living in a little curtained off space in a room with about 50 other guys.(the room I told you about earlier, with the bunks crammed in and up to the ceiling.) It was decided that Uwe's condition was more critical than Mike's, so we were ordered to switch their places!! Mike was recovering from a very critical operation for cancer, and HAD ONE LUNG REMOVED! Having watched this scene going on for years, it is obvious to me that THESE TWO GUYS WILL NEVER MAKE IT OUT OF THE RPF ALIVE! It's technically impossible, as you have to "make someone else better" i.e. your twin, in order to graduate. These guys don't even have twins and are just fighting to stay alive. Come on! Uwe cannot even get up to go to the bathroom. What in hell is he doing in the RPF?? He cannot be getting enough professional care and attention and it's INHUMAN to watch what is going on. All the other RPFers are probably also outraged, but are suppressing their own feelings, in the hope of not missing their own chance to get out of here. I'm actually wondering how long these guys will survive and why they are not granted some forgiveness for whatever they were assigned to the RPF for. Human decency would be to sign them in to a proper nursing home to recover or at least die in peace. The one theory that I have is this: Uwe Stuckenbrock was the International Security Chief at Hemet. O'boy! What would happen if he had the opportunity to let the world know what is going on up there or the security issues that exist all over the planet. I'm sure that he's kept in the RPF so won't be able to leak any data out. When he arrived on the RPF he was at the caselevel of OT III and from what I heard, don't know if this is true, but his MS turned on while he was auditing on this level. So what has been done over the last 3 years to "handle" this? He completed OT III, was audited through OT IV and has been getting sessions on OT V for at least one year - I guess in the hope that he'd be getting better, but he's NOT IMPROVING! He is getting worse!

OK, the next guy, Mike Eves. He also came from INT. I believe that he arrived around the end of 2001. At first he was auditing and had a twin and was doing the official program. For some reason he got sick and it turned out that he had lung cancer. It was so critical that it was thought to be terminal, but through some miracle he managed to survive. He had an operation and they took out one of his lungs and he spent the last 2 years recovering from this tragedy. And get this: his wife Cherie Eves (also in the RPF) was assigned to care for him and she did so excellently. She was with him day and night for months and his son Paul Eves, (ALSO HERE IN THE RPF and also from INT headquarters!!) was with him in the hospital. I believe he was so critical that he might die so he was allowed to be attended by his son and wife. Can you believe it, the entire family in the RPF under these conditions? Cherie "graduated" not long ago and went back to work at Bridge Publications. She is responsible for the printing and publishing of new LRH books and volumes coming out. I just don't see that they will EVER get back together as a family. Since Cherie is gone, Mike looks very lonely and it must be hard to be in a room alone with nothing to do. The RPF rules apply to him to; you cannot have any news papers, cannot listen to any radio, no CD's or any music of any kind, much less any TV. TOTALLY CUT OFF FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD. By the way, you cannot read any novels either, only books written by LRH. He looks depressed and very unhappy, and I wish I could do anything to cheer him up. I don't see any hope of any future for him, as it is right now, he is also doomed to die in the RPF, as nobody is "letting him off the hook." I have no clue what he was doing at the INT headquarters, but obviously he is a danger and menace to David M's regime, and is being disposed of like Uwe.

Please do something for these guys, before it's too late. I hate to see their last document being published that "they served the Sea Organization for xx amount of years and are granted a 21 year leave of absence before they come back." This is a fact, this is what is written for anybody who dies in the Sea Org and it closes their PC folder, it is the last document. When you "come back" in the next body, you can "continue up the Bridge from where you left off." This "honorable" document is always written by Executive Director Int, Guillome Lesevre. I hate to see these guys dying here in the RPF and I wish they could get proper, professional medical care under no mental and physical stress.

On a similar issue, I wonder why older people are being put through the same level of physical stress as the younger ones. The rule is in the RPF that "you must always run." The former Captain of AOSH ANZO in Sydney is here in the RPF, her name is Elaine Allen. She's about 60 years old and is expected to work all the same hours. She has complained of aches and pains in her hands from the hard physical work. The pain is so bad that she has a hard time writing, typing and auditing which makes it even more difficult to get through the RPF training program. Oh! by the way, another rule for RPFers is that we cannot take any elevators. The showers are located on the 6th and 7th floor for the RPF in the big blue building. We take a shower every day, and I don't want to calculate how many times I have run up and down those stairs over the years... There are a few people that have bad physical problems who get special permission by the RPF I/C to take the elevator, but that's very few. Most of Elaine's family is in the Sea Org and her son is working at OSA International in Hollywood. Another guy named Henry Woodruff actually made it out of here alive earlier this year. He was over 60, but very healthy and strong. However, what I didn't understand about his situation was that he had to wait for OVER 6 MONTHS to be able to leave. He had a "Committee of Evidence" that had to get approved before he could leave, then he had to wait some more months for his $500 severance pay. He was in the RPF's RPF for over 6 months, doing physical work in the basement with the other guys for 10 hours a day - AT THE AGE OF 60!! I'm sure he caught up with the "real world" when he was finally allowed to leave. I don't know if he just got Fitness Boarded out or if he got SP declared.

There are also a bunch of kids here that are under age. One that graduated is Cameron Allsop. He was at the International Ranch for the kids, and when he was about 14 or so, he fooled around with some girls or whatever and got himself RPFed for out 2D. (Pretty normal for a boy that age to be interested in girls as I recall, but not in the sea org!!) When he arrived in the RPF he could barely read, due to his very low education level. It took him about 4-5 years to get through the program and he finally graduated with his twin Eric Smith. Eric is back at CC Int as a security guard and Cameron is working at ASHO Day. They are both about 18 or 20 now. It's common that teenagers in the Sea Org get curious about sex, and not being allowed to explore mother nature, they "do it anyway" and find themselves on the RPF. These Sea Org kids grow up seeing there parents once a day for an hour at most and often barely ever see them at all. How do you start a relationship or a marriage, not being allowed to explore and enjoy what has been "the birds and the bees" on this planet since Man developed? There is a frantic control of the "2nd Dynamic" which is called the "family or sex dynamic." If you want to look it up somewhere else, LRH explains what the "8 Dynamics" are. I've seen it's a common thing that young Sea Org members get married just to be able to "stick to the rules and still experience sex." Then if it doesn't work out, a divorce follows shortly after. There IS NO FAMILY LIFE in the Sea Org and what is there is frantically controlled. I think the above should give you an idea of what some members are going through. I hate to admit to this, but I have spent many hours "recruiting Sea Org members" over the years before I came to the RPF. Any recruiter will paint up a story how good it is and "it will all work out once you are a dedicated Sea Org Member." I guess these newsletters should not be mistaken for "Recruitment letters"!! Or what do you say? Come and join me! The RPF is ONLY for Sea Org members and it's FREE! All they want is your mind, your soul, your life and your next billion years.

"The RPF Insider"

The RPF Insider Newsletter # 7

Hello out there in the real world...

I have a friend who recently "blew" or in other words was smart enough to figure out how to get out of this rat hole! Her name is Mariette Lindstein and I knew her for years from Gold. She was a very high executive for many years and was assigned to the RPF for some reason. I never knew why and she wouldn't tell me here in the RPF. She did tell me however that she had divorced her husband Billy Lindstein, and that he is now the CO CLO EUS, in New York. They also have a son, and I believe that he is still at INT. He must be around 18-20 years old. When Mariette arrived here, she must have planned to blow from the first day she arrived. She brought very few personal belongings, and all she left behind were a few small boxes, which contained only clothes. (Most RPFers bring all their worldly possesions with them, handling all that mest and storing it is another story I hope I can tell you about sometime) She must have kept her ID cards and passport, I think maybe she told them she lost them instead of turning them in. Wish I would have thought of that! Both Billy and Mariette are from Sweden and maybe she went back home? When she was uplines she told me that she was from a city called Halmstad (correctly spelled)? and if she went to Sweden she would probably be there, maybe with her parents? She was in the Sea Org for over 20 years, had no family in the US and I doubt that she had any non-scientology friends.

Mariette had several high posts and was in RTC. For a while she was the AVC I/C Int, Authorization and Verification Correction In Charge International. This post approves new programs and a lot of other things that are then implemented down the command channels through CMO and Int Exec Strata. She got busted and ended up at GOLD. Got busted again and got RPFed! When she blew the RPF here in May/June this year, it was a "flap" of magnitude. You can't believe the search team that is put together to find a person that blows, especially one who has such high inside information. If she has any way of speaking up she would probably be able to tell what DM's favorite lunch is or what he has on his desk. Put it this way - she knows "too much"!!! The night she took off, a search team of about 10 people from the RPF itself (the trusted ones that are "moving on the program"), the RPF I/C himself and a bunch of PAC security guards where searching the streets of LA in vain! The RPFers where stationed at the Metro Union station around the clock, in hopes of seeing and catching her. (And of course to guard each other!) By the way, the RPF people sent out on these searches had little or no money for food, and came back starving and deprived of sleep for 24 hours or more! People went to LAX, to the beach and other local parks, anywhere that someone might go to hide or to "destimulate" before coming back. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby happily announce to you that I think SHE MADE IT AND GOT AWAY!! Of course she knew that she would be "SP declared" automatically and obviously didn't give a shit! However I never saw an SP Declare on her posted on the notice board which is kind of odd, but I am sure there are alot of things we never find out about in the RPF. At this point I don't give a shit if they declare me too, I just don't want to go through months and years of com-evs, sec checks, "baby watch" and other BS. I don't know how the other RPFers feel because we are not allowed to talk about it, if you said a word to anyone they would have to report you, even if they didn't, you'd both get busted on the next sec check! And I can see that a lot of people are really taking this seriously and truly want to get back on post. But for some reason nearly everyone is having trouble with the "final assessment" that I mentioned earlier in Newsletter # 4, as most guys do have disagreements, etc., with INT Management. The way it's shoved back in our faces is "you missed withholds on your twin earlier or you have out-tech on your twin - that's why you can't get a clean assessment!" Gee, I wonder why that is???? (HAHA) Anyway, I sure hope Mariette is in good health, happy and busy creating a new life. If this message would ever reach her, let her know that I'm still her friend and look forward to the day when I'll be able to catch up with her.

"The RPF Insider

"Lulu Belle" wrote in message

There has been some discussion about the accuracy of the statements that "RPF Insider" has made.

Well, I can tell you for a fact that he's not a Dorian. Listed below are some of the things that he mentions that I can personally vouch for as being true and correct.

If I pick through his data more extensively, I'm sure there are other things I can corroborate; I just don't have the time to do that. I personally am certain, knowing what I know, that all of his data is genuine and not fabricated.

Provisional SP declares - This is something that does exist. Mike Silverman got one in the late 80s, early 90s. Some other people got them too; I don't remember who. I think Kenny Shapiro might have got one also. The staff member is sent to the RPF (or, more likely, RPF's RPF) and are "declared" and made to do A to E while on the RPF.

List of RPFers: I am familiar with a lot of these names. I would have no way of knowing if these people are currently on the RPF, but they definitely are or were Sea Org staff. I recognize a lot of them as being (former) Int and Management staff. Management staff are generally RPFed more often than staff of lower service orgs, as a rule. I think I have posted about this subject to ARS in the past.

Service building where the RPF is housed: This was used as an area to do renovations when the renovations of the PAC base began. This was scheduled as the last building on the base to be renovated. Last I knew, the RPF (along with PAC Renoes) was using this space for construction purposes. PAC Renoes themselves was located on the ground floor of this building. So, what RPFI is saying here is consistent with what I know.

16 people to a room: I don't know how it is now, but even the regular (non-RPF) staff had that situation a while back. As the berthing in PAC got more and more crowded, staff got stacked like sardines into berthing spaces. Many on-post staff were berthed in rooms with sixteen people; maybe more. Hence the desire to get married as quickly as possible.

Cameras on the base: I wasn't aware there were hundreds of cameras, but there has been quite a lot of them for a number of years, with more getting installed all the time. They existed in most, if not all, of the auditing rooms. They existed on every floor of the Main building. They existed on the roofs and over the parking lots. It doesn't surprise me that, with the base renovations, there are now a whole new slew of cameras.

"Rats Alley": This is true. It's in the basement of the Main Building, and people sent to the RPF's RPF were often sent down there to clean it. It has some connection with the galley (kitchen). Somehow stuff from the kitchen/dishwasher wound up there. I guess it's some type of sewer.

Sheer walls in the main building: I recall this as being one of the main fundamental renovations plans.

Leslie and Jon Epstein: They have been in the Sea Org for many, many years. It seems like they have been on the RPF almost as often as they have been off of it. And they often seem to be there at the same time, for some reason. (Unlike Kathy and Mike Rinder, who seem to go in shifts.)

[Webmaster Note: Leslie and Jonothan Epstein were friends of MINE when *I* was in]

David Miscavige's suites: All staff in PAC are familiar with DM's "fifth floor suite." There was this window where you could see his hundred or so pairs of shoes or boots lined up on these specially built shelves just for this purpose. The HGB 13th floor, built for RTC, is also common knowledge.

Mike and Cherie Eaves: I didn't know Mike very well, but Cherie is a wonderful, lovely person. This is so sad. What RPFI said about her current post of being responsible for publishing books at Bridge I am sure is totally correct. She has been on those lines for years, and at one time was Materials Exec Int in Exec Strata. This is the person overall responsible for the publication of LRH materials.

Mariette Lindsteen: She was definitely AVC Int at one time. She was generally a high exec for the most part; she was the CO FCB for a while before she went up to RTC.

Who RPF Insider is, where he is, and how he got this information, I don't know. I just know that he definitely didn't make it up.

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