Original article in German: http://www.petersburg.aktuell.ru/petersburg/stadtnews/petersburg_erklaert_scientology_zentrum_fuer_illegal_1057.html

Babel Fish translation from German:

Thursday, 22.11.2007

Petersburg explains Scientology sect center for illegal

St. Petersburg. The highest Court of Justice of Russia affirmed a judgement of the 
Petersburger of city court of the summer, with which the Scientology sect organization 
is forbidden in Petersburg immediately.

Thus pc. Petersburg is the third region of Russia, in which the Scientologen 
classified as sparkling wines must stop officially their activity. 
The prohibition applies beside Petersburg in Baschkortostan and in the area Chabarowsk.

It is not to be expected however that the trailers of Scientology sect will 
stop their active activity. As the experience shows in the two other regions, 
they continue into the underground and to work from there.

Numerous offences against the law lead to the prohibition

The Petersburger Scientology sect center existed for the 1990er years and 
resided in a respectable building in the city centre nearby new ski of the 
folder. Their propaganda work operated itself the organization at the 
strongly frequented Metrostationen "Pl. Wosstanija" and "Ligowski folder", 
understanding as religious combination.

The Russian law guardians were busy for years to prove the sects illegal machinations.
 Thus you were accused to hold in their center liable to pay the costs 
courses and prove medical assistance, without possessing for it a license.

The Rechtsschuetzer classified the technology of the "Auditing" spread 
in Scientology sect practice as "unqualified interference under the 
sphere of the consciousness of humans".

In December 2003 the temporary locking of the center took place. When 
the sect resumed its activities nevertheless, the Ministry of Justice 
turned to the public prosecutor's office and submitted complaint. 
A effort for many years led finally to the judgement taken place yesterday.