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Nov 2007 Scientolgist "OT" and likely Minister Herb Zerden - big time scammer gets exposed on Inside Edition

L Ron Hubbard's Son stated under penalty of perjury that

The only "Sin" in Scientology is Getting Caught
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2007 September - Belgium brings charges against Scientology for Fraud and Extortion LINK

2007 April French case against Scientology reopened for "fraud and extortion in organized gang, illegal practice of medicine and pharmacy" - reopened! - Le Express English translation HERE

2005 March Long time Scientology "minister" Kent Stryker gets raided and convicted of Charities Fraud. This long time scientologist set up charaties with names that sounded like real, well known charities, and asked people to donate money. Kent Stryker, 61 - was convicted by a Los Angeles jury in October of federal fraud charges - argued that he should receive only probation, in part because he claims to have rehabilitated himself by running a charity he said is legitimate. Prosecutors responded by contending that although the latest Stryker-run charity does appear to be doing some good works, he is once again involved in "blatant fraud." At his trial, prosecutors said Stryker collected some $400,000 in donations by forming nonprofits with names such as National Cancer Association.

2002 - Scientology "minister" Reed Slatkin - convicted and in prison in the largest ponzi scheme in US History. (1/2 billion) LINK

2001 - Scientologist convicted of Fraud in Russia LINK

1999 - French Scientology "minister" convicted of FRAUD in france LINK

1997 - Canadian conviction of Scientology as an Organization for among other things - Breach of the Public Trust" was upheald by the highest court in Canada after Appeal by Scientology.

Scientology is forced to pay the largest Libel award in Canadian history for the lies they told about the prosecutor in the case above! LINK

bonnie woods wins libel suit against scientology

England - Ex-Scientologist and friend Bonnie Woods wins her libel suit agianst Scientology for lies they told about her character.

Amsterdam - My friend Karin Spaink wins her case and all appeals by scientology are rejected! LINK

1978 - L Ron Hubbard is convicted of Fraud in France LINK

1977 - Scientology in USA is charged by a grand jury in what is still the largest domestic spying case in US history LINK to Granf Jury Indictment - and later convicted with jail time served. LINK to News coverage Scientologists are still told that "we were convicted of stealing copy paper!"

English Translation of the Appendix 1 in Une Secte Dangereuse: La Scientologie ISBN 2-88211-008-1 (c)1993 Paul Ranc

Appendix 1

14 February 1978
The Paris Police Court sentences Lafayette Ron Hubbard, an American citizen
and founder of the sect of "Scientology," to four years in prison and a fine of 35,000 francs. Henry Laarhuis, a citizen of the Netherlands and farmer "executive director" of the French branch of the organization, is sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of 15,000 francs: Jacqueline Valentin, a French national, formerly president of Scientology in France, is sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 10,000 francs; and Georges Andreu, husband of the current president of Scientology in France, to a suspended sentence of one year in prison. (he first three by default. A writ of arrest has been issued against them)More HERE

It was the opinion of the Court that Scientology, while pretending to be a non-profit organization, was in reality "a well managed and flourishing enterprise." It makes chimerical promises, notably of professional success and the curing of diseases, its aim however being the collection of as much money as possible. It was the opinion- of the judges that Ron Hubbard was profiting from the proceeds of the swindle, a crime of which all the accused were guilty.

France - 29 February 1980
The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the sentences of the three persons sentenced by default but discharged Georges Andreu, considering his liability much extenuated by the fact that he had got into Scientology when still very young and was only twenty-one years of age when he had been named president of it. His role was limited to the carrying out of the directives of the real leaders to whom he was completely subordinate.

France - 7 March 1988
The Conciliation Board of Paris sentences the Celebrity Center (A Scientology Association ) to pay back salary and damages for failure to abide by the contract signed with an employee. The employment contract, alleged by Scientology to be of a religious nature, was recognized as a work contract. It was thus not allowances which were to be paid, but a salary.

France - 24 March 1988
The County Court of Pau non suits a Scientologist, -the founder of "La Coccinelle" day nursery, with regard to her action against the president of the ADFI of Pau, whom she accused of having spread injurious reports about her; and she is ordered to pay him an indemnity of 3,000 francs.

France - 10 March 1989
The Versailles Court of Appeal grants visiting rights to a father who is a Scientologist on the condition of his promise that he will not induct his children into the sect.

France - 28 April 1989
The County Court of Paris discharges an ex-Scientology member and relieves her of costs. The ex-member was prosecuted for her crimes of forgery, swindling and collusion committed for the purpose of obtaining student loans from various banking establishments: the money had served to pay for courses in Scientology. (Having become extremely destitute, in September of 1989 she went on a hunger strike to get Scientology to refund the cost of the courses as the only way of paying off her creditors.)

France - 28 May 1990
A complaint is referred to the Court of Lyon following the suicide of a Scientology member. Twenty Scientologists ( Among them the national president.) are indicted between May and October for illegally practicing medicine and for swindling. The preliminary examination is still, under way.

France - 19 December 1990
The Criminal Division of the Supreme Court of Appeal rejects a petition in suspicion that fair trial will not be given, filed by the attorneys of Scientology and aimed at obtaining the removal of the examining magistrate of Lyon, G. Fenech.

France - June 1990
A complaint against a physician (and Scientologist) by four of his patients is referred to the Court of Besancon. He is charged with swindling and temporarily prohibited from practicing medicine for having referred his patients to Scientology.

France - September 1990
An expert psychiatrist for the Court of Toulon lodges a complaint "against X" for premeditated robbery and violence following repeated acts leading one to suppose that Scientology is engaged in making intimidating maneuvers against him in order to influence his decisions as an expert in the matter of several actions brought in connection with this organization at Marseilles and at Lyon.

France - September 1991
Following the preceding complaint lodged by Dr. Abgrall, a magistrate of Toulon indicts three Scientologists for "attempted subordination of witnesses and for using threats."

France - 18 September 1991
The Police Court of Paris(7th Section) declared inadmissible an action initiated by the Scientologists against Dr. Abgrall. The latter had publicly denounced the organization, accusing it of having "put pressure on him" to "make him crack up." In support of his accusations: theft of his mail, distribution of injurious tracts, damage to his car, anonymous telephone calls....

France - 19 December 1990
The County Court of Paris acquits a reporter of the "Journal du Dimanche" charged with defamation by the director of the "Dialogic" society. The article revealed the infiltration by said society, directed by a Scientologist, into the services of the Ministry of the Interior.

France - 16 January 1991
The County Court of Paris orders the quashing of judicial proceedings initiated by a Scientologist against the ADFI of Paris, whom he accused of having provided his mother with information critical of Scientology. The proceedings were quashed for failure to provide documents.

France- 17 May 1991
A complaint of swindling and illegal practice of medicine is referred to the Court of Marseilles by the parents of a Scientology member. Thirty some Scientologists are called for questioning. The preliminary examination is still under way.

France - 17 February 1992'
In May of 1985, Scientology had filed a petition with the Administrative Court of Paris for the voiding of the decision of the Minister of Social Affairs and Solidarity, dated 24 January 1984, granting the C.C.M.M. a subvention of 100,000 francs for the purpose of publishing a brochure intended to inform the public about the different sects.

The Council of State, ruling on the matter in contention, decided to reject the above petition. Abstract of the conclusions: "Whereas in consideration of the dangers that the practices of certain bodies commonly known as "sects" may present, especially for the young, and even though certain of these movements pretend also to pursue a religious aim, the minister of social affairs was legally empowered to participate financially, without impairment to either the neutrality of the State or the freedom of the cults, in the informing of the public so affected concerning the practices here in question; and whereas in regard to the contents of the publication thus subsidized, the decision is not blemished either by error of fact or of law or by a manifest error of judgment; and whereas the Church of Scientology of Paris is consequently not justified in maintaining that it is wrongfully attacked by the decision; therefore the Administrative Court of Paris has rejected its petition for the voiding of said decision."

France - 4 March 1992
The County Court of Paris dismisses all of the claims of the Dialogic Society, directed by Scientologists, against a journalist and the newspaper "Le Point" for an article that said society held to be defamatory. The Dialogic Society is appealing.

France - 18 March 1992
The Appeals Court of Douai confirms the judgment of the Police Court of Lille dated 14 January 1992, and for injuries done to the AFDI President Nord orders the representatives of the Hubbard Dianetic Center of Lille to pay damages.

France - 3 April 1992
The 17th Court of Petty Sessions of Paris was to rule on the complaint of defamation entered by a Scientologist comedian against the Vice-President of the UNADFI for remarks made in an article in the "Journal du Dimanche." _

In his statement, the attorney for the UNADFI argued for the inadmissibility of the complaint and discharge of the accused since the text in question did not reflect upon the comedian, but upon the methods of Scientology. The plaintiff did not appear at the trial on 3 April 1992, thus refusing to join issue.

France - 27 April 1992
The County Court of Paris rejects the petition of an executive of the "Cours Bernard Dimanche, " a private institution for remedial schooling using the methods of Ron Hubbard. This petition was directed at having the name of the establishment removed from the list published by the UNADFI of organizations linked to Scientology.The plaintiff is ordered to pay 5,000 francs damages to the UNADFI for abusive actions.

France - 22 June 1989
The Magistrates Court of Rennes sentences the director of an "educational" society linked to Scientology to a fine of 20,000 francs for false advertising and for not having told of its ties to Scientology.

France - 21 February 1990
Appeal of the preceding judgment. The Rennes Court of Appeal increases the penalties ordered by the Magistrates Court of Rennes: they are increased to a suspended sentence of four months in prison and a fine of 40,000 francs.

France - 15 November 1990
Petition for annulment by the director of the Wise society: the petition is rejected.

Germany - April 1989
The Labor Court orders Narconon to pay a young former member employed in the organization DM 43,000 for exploitation.

Germany - 2 January 1991
The Administrative Court of Hamburg recognizes the commercial nature of the activities of Scientology. The latter claimed that being a religion, it did not have to make disclosure of its lucrative activities.

Germany - 28 May 1991
The Court of Hamburg takes away the charter of association of the Church of Scientology because of the commercial and lucrative nature of its activities. It will henceforth have to declare the proceeds of its sales.

Canada - 4 October 1991
The Toronto Court orders Scientology, prosecuted for libel by the Attorney-General, to pay him one million six hundred thousand Canadian dollars in damages.The affair dates back to 1983: in the course of a judicial investigation of swindling, the Canadian police had made a search of Scientology headquarters and seized a mass of documents. In 1984, Scientology brought charges 9 against the Attorney General of Toronto for obstructing justice. ("Contempt of the Court.") Scientology's claim was dismissed. But the Attorney General brought charges of his own, calling for an exemplary penalty in order to discourage the taking of this type of legal action. As for the trial which began with the searches of 1983, that has not yet come before the court!

Denmark - December 1990
The County Court of Copenhagen gives a Scientologist and two private detectives a suspended sentence of three months in prison for illegal spying, i.e., tapping the phones of the Dialogcenter, the center for investigating the new religious movements and sects.

Spain - 20 November 1988
After a long investigation that was made following charges of abduction, swindling, falsification of documents and several financial crimes, a judge orders the arrest of sixty-nine officials of Scientology and its daughter organization "Narconon," among them Mr. Heber Jentzsch, international president of the sect." (A great many Scientologists were gathered in Madrid for a congress. Placed under warrants of commitment to prison, they were later released subject to heavy bail. The Spanish police made a search, seized two hundred kilos of documents and closed up thirty some affiliates of Scientology and Narconon. The preliminary examination is still under way.

Great Britain - 23 July 1984
Judge Latey of the High Court of Justice awarded the custody of two children of eight and ten-years to their mother, thus taking them away from their father, a Scientologist, who had kept them with him at the British headquarters of the sect in East Grinstead and had made them attend Scientology school. The mother had quit . .

Scientology after several years, which had led to a divorce. The father had remarried with a loyal Scientologist. Judge Latey, in the grounds given for his decision, characterized the Church of Scientology as "corrupt, immoral, sinister and dangerous."

Italy - 29 March 1989
At the time of an inquiry begun in 1981 after a great many complaints, forty-three counts of indictment are brought against Scientologists. In 1986, the Italian authorities order the closing of thirtytwo Scientology centers in Italy.

On 29 March 1989,
seventy-five Scientology members active in Italy are tried for tax evasion, extortion of funds, illegal practice of medicine, and exploitation of infirm persons.

Switzerland - 22 August 1983
A former member takes legal action to obtain reimbursement of sums of money paid to Scientology. The contract is judged invalid for lack of due consent. The money is returned in an "out-of-court" settlement.

Switzerland - September 1989
Scientology of Switzerland and the United States files an appeal under administrative law with the Federal Council against Swiss Interpol following the latter's refusal to correct or eliminate from their file's certain information about Scientology.

Switzerland - 22 May 1991
The Zurich Supreme Court, on appeal, gives a suspended sentence of two months imprisonment to four Scientologists for swindling a mentally handicapped woman to whom they sold books, cassettes and lessons for more than 12,000 Swiss francs,

Switzerland - 28 November 1991
The Civil Court of Justice of the Jurisdiction of the Canton of Vaud nullifies a judgment of September 1991 aimed at preventing the publication of a "Reader's Digest" article. The remarks critical of Scientology were judged to be well grounded. The Swiss publisher of the journal in question who disregarded the ban is not convicted.

Switzerland - 19 August 1992
Paul Ranc, former president of the Association for the Protection of the Family and the Individual [Association de Defense de la Famille et de l'Individu = ADFIS], was freed of the charge that had been brought against him by the sect of the "Church of Scientology" of Lausanne. The latter held that M. Paul Ranc had been guilty of "bearing false witness, of defamation, even of slander." The reporting judge of the Eastern Vaudois district, in an order handed down on 19 August 1992, decreed that M. Ranc's sources confirmed his statements and that he is accordingly cleared of the charge.

USA - 26 October 1979
A federal court of Washington, D.C., declares nine high dignitaries of the Church of Scientology, including Mary Sue Hubbard, the wife of the founder, guilty of consorting with criminals, of false declarations under oath, of burglary and the theft of documents in various departments and agencies of the American government." (In particular, the departments of the Treasury and Justice, etc.) Many of these documents, (Twenty-three thousand all told.) were highly confidential. Thanks to a system of plea bargaining that allows an accused to plead guilty to one of the counts of an accusation and be sentenced for that one alone, the case developed fairly rapidly, and there was no appeal. The accused were punished with 10,000 dollar fines and sentenced to imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Two other accused,- of British nationality, who had left the United States as soon as the lid had been blown off, were later extradited from Great Britain back to the United States and were tried and condemned to similar punishment. The documents seized during a search of the headquarters of Scientology in Los Angeles were made public. USA - July 1989

The California Court of Appeals orders Scientology to pay two million five hundred thousand dollars to Larry Wollersheim, a former member of Scientology. This verdict put an end to ten years of legal proceedings. The Court rejected the claim made by Scientology that all its practices being of a religious nature, they should be completely protected by the Constitution from any judicial interference. The judge declared that Scientology had deliberately ruined Larry Wollersheim both economically and psychologically and that such conduct is too disgraceful to have constitutional protection.

USA - December 1989
The Supreme Court decides against granting tax exemption to taxpayers for Scientology expenditures, payments for auditing being held not comparable to charitable contributions.

USA - 8 August 1991
The California courts in 1981 had ordered three Scientologists to repay the amounts they had deducted as charitable contributions, on their tax returns, for their Scientology courses. In 1988, the Federal Court of the 9th California district upheld the decision of 1981 on appeal. On 8 August 1991 the Supreme Court confirmed the two prior judgments.

Taken from Bulles, No. 35, third quarter of 1992, and from the Almanach Protestant et Annuaire des Eglises romandes, 1994 edition.

Appendix II

List of Associations Controlled by Scientology Organizations of the Church of Scientology ,

[Ten organizations are listed with their addresses, eight in France and two in Switzerland.]

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